Real Nature Honey Miel Face Mask

Greetings Prism Poppers! It's Christy & I'm back again with an amazing testimony!

This is My first time trying this product.  

I am testing Real Nature Honey Miel Face Mask. 

Mask claims to moisturize & hydrate with Honey. 

I have sensitive skin with occasional eczema flare ups. I tend to always lean toward the honey facial masks as They are gentle enough to accompany my skin care needs. 

This sheet face mask stays on 10-15 minutes.  Excess is to be absorbed into skin. 

To use: apply mask. Situate. Let it sit.  Absorb leftover mask into face. 

During the process my skin felt so relaxed; it was a comfortable mask. 

My overall experience was very postitive. I am very impressed with Real Nature Honey Miel Face Mask! Left my skin ultra hydrated as well as renewed. Also left my skin with a soft glow. 

I recommend this face mask for folks of all skin types; especially sensitive. This is a gentle mask that didnt trigger any flare ups!


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  • Paige Mitchell

    You are tots adorbs. I have e tried to take face mask pics so many times and I'm glad this all natural honey boy could make you look and feel so cute.

  • sally peabody

    It looks lovely on you ! Seriously. Honey masks and scrubs draw my attention. I get skeptical with sheet masks. I even put them in a baggy stick in fridge and use one more time as a ..obsession I guess . this is good though I am glad I checked it out. thank you !!

  • Christy Sargent

    I did wrestle it a while before getting it on properly as you can see. Lol.