Real Nature Olive Oil Face Mask Results

  • Olive OIl Face Mask by Real Nature
  • Intended to hydrate the face
  • This was my first time using this mask
  • A little gooey
  • It's a single use mask that you place on your face and leave on for 10-15 minutes
  • Can't recommend it. Irritated my skin. Not super eco friendly either as a single use mask! 

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  • haku izunami

    hmmm that doesnt sound like a very good mask! im sorry to hear you didnt have the best experience with that! also thank you for your honest opinion! oh no and it irritated your skin!? i dont imagine i would want to use that one again that just sounds pretty awful! would you say that it helped you at all long term or that this is just not a mask for anyone?

  • hybroanglid

    Wow, I would've thought olive oil would be soothing, not very irritating. Good to know. And you are gorgeous!

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