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Replenishing Myself..

                *Oh K! Replenishing JEJU Island Hydrogel Mask*

This mask contains jeju prickly pear & green tea. It is definetly a hydrating mask.

This mask is made by Oh K! and they do not experiment their products on animals, a lot of them contain all natural ingrediants which I love. This mask is also Vegan, Big plus from me.

As far as my experience with this mask I have to say when I took it out of the package this mask is the 1st one that was a gel mask. I didn't care for the feel of it. (reminded me of jello actually) I did love the scent. It wasn't strong or over-powering.

It came in 2 pieces but it's easy to apply and they recommend you leave it on 20-30 minutes and I opted for the full 30 to see. After taking it off I didn't wipe it off because there was no residue feeling after letting my shin dry.

The skin on my face was so soft and you could look and see that my skin looked so healthy. It is a product that I would recommend to others and I might buy it for myself I just have to get past the feeling of the actual mask.

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