🧽 Reusable Makeup Cleansing Sponges 🧽

Good morning everyone and happy Self care Sunday 😊. I thought today would be the perfect day to share my quick thoughts on some cleansing sponges that I came across during my travels of the AliExpress app. These cleansing sponges are quite popular in the skincare community and are a great option to help with aiding in makeup removal and the removal of other types of skincare products such as scrubs and masks. They are soft fluffy round sponges and are great at picking up any excess residue that might get left behind after washing off your face. They are a nice big size and rinse off fairly easy. One thing that I really like about these sponges is that they don’t hold a lot of water within them. They drain pretty well and remain slightly damp but still have the ability to wipe off the face quite thoroughly. They last a really long time and can be washed in the washer when it comes time to give them a good cleaning. They are very durable and come out of the washer looking brand spanking new. I love these little sponges and will honestly never stop using them. They have become a staple in my skincare routine. These sponges are sold from a lot of different brands at a lot of different price points. But if your looking for the most affordable option while being able to obtain that top quality sponge then I recommend checking out AliExpress. When I first started using these sponges I was paying around 10$ for four of them and believed I was getting a bang for my buck. Now I get them off of AliExpress..... a four pack for around 2-4$ at the same quality and material. So definitely all smiles over here for being able so save that extra 6$ in my pocket. Anyway I highly recommend these sponges if you haven’t had the luxury of trying them out yet. They definitely make all the difference in simplifying the process of makeup and mask removal. 

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