Review and Tutorial: Batiste Dry Shampoo

Oi peeps! I have told you a couple of times before that dry shampoo is a literal life-saver. It saves lives! I only wash my hair once every five days, and dry shampoo is used at least twice on the in-between day to keep the roots around my face and hair-parting fresh and non-greasy. Ever since discovering dry shampoo about 6 years ago I have experimented with brands and natural options. Schwarzkopf was OK, but left my hair with a very noticable grey cast. Baby powder didn't work. Cocoa powder was too much of a warm brown colour to work on my ash brown hair. Translucent mineral powder worked in a pinch but is way too expensive to use on the regular. Syoss was a favourite for years because of how shiny it left my hair (no grey cast!), but I got sick of how soon the bottles ran out.
And then there was Batiste. I spotted the bottles when they were launched at my local drugstore and since I'd seen the brand be mentioned time and time again online, I knew I had to try it.
I got three of the five available options: Clean & Classic original, Dark & Brunette and Blush with a floral scent. Other options were the volumizing version which I ignored since dry shampoo does that job perfectly anyway, and the can with a coconut-type scent. Did not tickle my fancy. Until now, the Clean and Classic is my favourite because of how neutral the scent is.

The Dark & Brunette dry shampoo is a bit of a hit and miss: on one hand I love the smell (a light version of vanilla) and the way it leaves my hair ultra shiny without even the tiniest bit of greyness.
On the other hand the darker powder is kind of gross. I mean, it gets everywhere (on my forehead, scalp and bathroom). It's not that hard to clean off but it does defeat the purpose of spritzing and running out the door, which is the main reason to use dry shampoo in the first place. Also, it makes my hair feel like I dumped a shitload of texturizing powder in there. Great if you want to create an updo or need loads of volume, not great when you just want the feeling of clean hair. Conclusion: I wouldn't go so far as to call it a ruiner of lives. The Dark & Brunette Batiste is acceptable depending on what you're looking for, but nowhere near as versatile as the Clean & Classic original.
SO. I've noticed that loads of people don't know or use dry shampoo, and that might just be because they don't know how to use it. Allow me to demonstrate.
Before: start with greasy hair. Duh.
Part your hair the way you usually do and spray some dry shampoo along the part. Create new parts on both sides of your natural part and spray some shampoo there as well, until most of the top of your head has been dealt with. Don't forget the back as the back of your head can show grease really easily. And be sure to include the hair most near the top of your forehead since that hair gets greasy and stringy the soonest.
It should look something like this now!
Now, get your hands in there and start massaging the dry shampoo into your scalp and roots just like you would if you were washing your hair the normal way. After this step, turn your head upside down over the bathtub, in the shower or outside (otherwise the powder will get everywhere) and muss up your hair, shaking the powder out by ruffling your fingers through it.