Review and Wear Test: Milk Makeup Kush High Volumizing Mascara


Didn't irritate my eyes

Removed easily without pulling lashes out

Lengthening and Volumizing

Extra fibers

Clean ingredients

Pretty packaging

No off-putting smell

Vegan, gluten free, cruelty free


Not fun to apply due to how much is on the brush

Easily gets on skin during application


Applicator gets things messy



Overall, I was not a big fan of this mascara. I love the transformation that mascara gives my eyes, however this mascara was not at all enjoyable to apply. It was very clumpy on the brush and because of that I wasn't able to apply more than a couple layers. The opening of the container is nice and snug (shown in picture) so you would think that that would take the excess product off but instead it just creates a mess when reinserting the wand. I would forgive all of this if it had stayed put all day but by the end of the day, there were tiny flakes under my eyes (also shown in picture). I'll probably still use it when I only need mascara for a couple hours because it is pretty, but I would never use it when I needed to depend on it staying put. (I applied it at 2:30 and took the picture with the flaking at 8:30)

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