Review: BYROE Salmon Cream

The Brand BYROE has been inspired by salad ingredients  Each product is enriched with nutrients, including antioxidants a d vitamins that leave you glowing and moisturized. 

Ingredients: Rice Cleansing Sorbet: which removes makeup and impurities while supporting your skins moisture barrier. Salmon Cream: which is a moisturizer to give you a vibrant and healthy glow. 


Application: I just used my fingers to apply generously to my face and neck.

Texture: it is a thin formula that glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly without leaving a residue .

Feel: after using my skin felt very hydrated, a little goes a king way even for someone like me who has dry skin type. It also has a pleasant light floral fragrance. 

Overall: I like the idea behind it and realize that the ingredients are all natural and made with your skins best health in mind. It feels expensive and luxurious while maintaining a natural source.

I would definitely reccomend it! 

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  • Anna hudson

    I love this tried it,it is very rich feeling,nice review.

  • sally peabody

    This cream sounds so delicious ...literally. My dry skin would will benefit immensly. The info you have given about the Company is very helpful. I am not familiar with them but did notice all the antioxidants through use of vegetables . All natural this greatly intrigues me. Thank you.