REVIEW: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Hello everyone!

Jeffree Star is no stranger to controversy, having been very vocal about his opinions on his social media accounts. Perhaps his forthrightness – on top of his talent in makeup artistry and music – was what propelled him to superstar status on the internet. Despite his popularity, he holds no reservations in publicly ridiculing other high-profile celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, whom he lashed out for the poor quality of her lip gloss applicator when they first came out so very naturally, he was regarded as the voice for the beauty community whose passion for make-up has so often been taken advantage of by big beauty brands.

But things can get even uglier when the tables are turned. Not long after the whole Kylie Cosmetics hooha, Jeffree Star found himself embroiled in a yet another feud, but this time with former BFF Kat Von D, just a few days shy of the release of his summer collection last July. With his credibility undoubtedly affected by Kat Von D’s claims of plagiarism claims against him, his Velour Liquid Lipstick sales took a hit despite all the hype around them on Instagram in the weeks leading up to the launch, thereby prompting Jeffree Star to remove the limit on the number of lipsticks each customer can purchase. Beautylish (an authorised Jeffree Star vendor) had to also slash the price of the bundle in half Labour Day to get them to move.

But were people shunning the summer collection solely because of the scandal? Or were there other underlying reasons such as poor quality control that led to such drastic sales decline? Seeing that not a single shade was sold out one week into the launch, I bought the bundle to test the lipsticks out for myself.

And yes, I paid full price with shipping for this. If only I had sat on buying the bundle a little longer… *sigh*

Aptly wrapped in eye-catching yellow packaging and infused with a refreshing watermelon scent to remind you of the popular summer punch, the theme of this collection is unmistakable. It stands out from the multitude of summer-themed collections in the market (go Google “makeup summer collection” and you will know what I mean) simply because the five shades picked out exclusively for this line are finally not of the same ol’ pink and coral hues… *yawn*

Here, I see a bold yellow as striking as the sun, a vibrant beige as inviting as sandy beaches and a violet like the colour of perennials that bloom even more brilliantly in summer. These shades are oh-so-relevant to the season!

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