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Rice Sorbet

Prism Pop sent me a complimentary Friendship tester bag and one of the products was Byroe’s Rice Cleansing Sorbet. I was happy to hear Byroe products use salad-based ingredients instead of harmful chemicals. The Sorbet comes in a glass jar with twist off lid. The jar allowed me to use only the amount I need and no more. The Rice Cleansing Sorbet is an extremely light weight formula that removes makeup in one easy step. You only need to use a small amount about the size of a dime and apply to your skin in which it turns into a thin soft milky formula to clean away the day. The Sorbet supports your skin’s moisture barrier instead of stripping it. This easy to use Rice Sorbet is made from rice bran oil, Wheat germ oil, and vitamin E without any fragrance. Also the formula is clean and cruelty free. #Byroe #Byroericecleansingsorbet @byroe-official #PrismPop @prismpop-official #PrismPopTesterBag @reesetisha

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