Rose Gold "Moods" Eyeshadow by Laura Sanchez


Tonight I want to talk about an eyeshadow that I recieved on a whim in a subscription bag (I don't remember which) and surprisingly really have enjoyed using for a variety of looks.


This is Moods by Laura Sanchez in Rose Gold. It's a single eyeshadow in a pan with a magnetic lid. 


So pretty! The colors that makeup the designs on the outside of the product are so cute and bright, and just really fun and uplifting. The magnetic lid is convenient and really easy to use, and ensures it stays safely shut when in a bag or a drawer.


These swatches are shown in both regular indoor light with flash and low indoor light with flash .  The color of the eyeshadow is a soft yet bold pink base with gold shimmer that is extremely reflective and so gorgeous. 

It blends and builds very easily and is super sparkly. 

Easy to add to a more complex look or for something quick in the morning. I definitely recommend this product!


Thanks so much for reading my review!





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  • Rachel Lokos

    This is a gorgeous color to layer a rosy based Smokey eye! I love it πŸ₯°

  • Melissa Griffith

    I say it probably came from Ipsy. I received the full size palette one month from them in my glam bag plus, and the single in my regular glambag. It is one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas. It is almost like a cream shadow. The eyeshadow palette also had 2 highlighters in it that are really good. Wish the brand would make more palettes, because it is a really good formula.

  • Mandy Fleetwood

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PACKAGE!!❀😍❀😍 Can't wait to try this! Thank you!😍❀

  • Nicole Hoffman

    Omg i needs to know which subscription box lol think girl think lol

  • sally peabody

    Another newbie for me. Love the crystal ball on the front. anything witchy gets my attention ! Merry meet and thank you. Terrific review