Salmon Cream - My Daily Moisturizer

This is now my daily moisturizer - it's a night cream because it's sooo hydrating and all I really do is take a tiny bit and dab it over my face before blending it in.
It's super silky and leaves my skin feeling soft and plump.
While it's a pricey product, I can tell it's using high quality ingredients and I can really appreciate that.
Thanks Byroe & PrismPop for this fabulous product!
What's your daily moisturizer? Leave me some comments 💙

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  • Amanda Lingle

    Even though it has a high price point a little will go a long way when you dont have to use to much. I like that you use this over night to just give your skin a nice dose of hydration that it needs after a long day. Want to try this and see how soft it will make my face. Thank you.

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