Salmon Night Cream by BYROE

Salmon Cream is a revitalizing universal moisturizer that awakens skin for an incredibly vibrant, healthy looking glow. The lightweight formula with great protein ingredients helps to soften, smooth, and moisturize skin instantly.
I love how posh and classy this product is, there's actually quite a lot of product and it feels so silky and smooth after application to the skin. This is the epitomy of luxury for your skin. 
Apply daily (night or day) on face and neck
5/5 would recommend!
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  • Christian Brown

    I would love to try this product out! I am always using hydrating products for my skin since I have a dry skin type.

  • haku izunami

    That sounds fantastic! Would you recommend this for combination or oily skin?

  • Jessica

    I always usr moisturizer and am always buying different kinds

  • 💋💦💄Nicole Ragle💄💦💋 Beauty Review Queen

    I love this cream it’s really amazing and smells pretty incredible! Great Review beautiful!

  • Meaghan

    What does this smell like? Salmon? I feel like this would be worth a try!!

  • Katy Gutridge

    Yeah I totally agree with you I loved how my face glowed and felt after applying this. I received a sample size from prism pop and fell in love thanks for the video.

  • Chelsea Stauffer

    I wash my face with water and use Cera V moisturizer cream to hydrate.

  • Tammy carpenter

    I'm new an would I am very much looking forward to learning about all the differnt products an more so trying them. Thank you

  • Asweta

    I love this cream, it is light in weight and absorbs fast. It leaves my skin soft and smooth after each use.

  • Jennifer

    I've never even heard of this brand I must be missing out!! Looks and sounds amazing.

  • Christina hile

    I need this in my life

  • Makeuplover02273

    I tried this as a sample. I agree with what she said about the scent of this product. It did have a strong like chemical or medicine smell.

  • Stephanie Williams

    Can be used am and pm ❤️ Yep sounds like a plan and protein toooo

  • Cathy Ross

    My daytime cream is Lacome Renergie Lift Multi action Ultra. But my nightime cream is IT Confidence In Your Beauty Sleep. They are awesome.

  • Mary Charles

    I would have to say my go too night cream would have to be Hawaiian Healing revitalizing cream and their nourishing night oil why because they hand make their products every week and their all natural and cruelty free.. But thanks for sharing your go too. Merry Christmas

  • Tiffany

    MVP for me is La Mer the concentrate. It is like a super serum chock full of good for you ingredients.

  • Anna hudson

    I like that its all natural,seems to have a nice feel especially before going to bed,I use aloes very cream and petroleum jelly before bedtime,it gets so dry in this weather,my nose is unbearable I use the aloevera and over that the petroleum lium jelly just on the outside of my nose,I don't wake up so nasily,olive oil is good to!I'll do!that, my old dog had s ears get beat red ,I put olive oil and it calms had m down right away.I d like to try this salmon night cream.

  • Jessie bennett

    I have to have my moisturizer. I'm such a stickler that it is never forgotten in my morning and nightly routine!

  • Laura teran

    Wow the cream looks very light and silky , never used it I will definitely research if this will be part of my rutine

  • Rachel mello

    This cream is something that everyone should have in their daily routine! It’s thick but doesn’t apply with that thick feel,it smells amazing,the facts that it’s all natural just allows me to feel confident when I apply it and my doggie wants to give me a kiss. Great video! Thanks #Byroe

  • Nicole tillott

    This stuff is awesome amd I love the video

  • Jyoti khanna

    I use Ponds night cream to improve my wrinkles.I massage it in circle motions that to me is important for stimulation and absorption for improving my dry skin and reducing wrinkles.This cream looks very effective and suitable for my skin.I really want to try this and I assure you that I will definitely give you an honest feedback.

  • Ja-Nee

    Sounds very interesting. The MVP of my night time routine is Elensilia-CPP Propolis Ampoule.The formula is chock full of 82% propolis extract, a substance created by honey bees that excels at protecting, repairing and soothing the skin. It makes my skin feel so smooth that i do not need to add any moisturizer after I use it.

  • Patricia

    I'm so intrigued with this salmon night cream, seems like a good product, looks fancy, thanks for the review! The MVP of my nighttime routine is Clarin's Double Serum, it has more than 20 plant extracts, it has an oily but soluble texture, it's not greasy at all, powerful anti-aging that targets everything from lines and wrinkles to uneven skin tone, promotes firmness, and reduces the appearance of pores, plus it's a great moisturizer by itself. Happy Holidays!

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