Satisfying Swatches of GLEAM Body Radiance ✨

Hello, friends! Today we’re taking a (very) close look at the 6 sexy sampler shades of Melanie Mills’ signature product, GLEAM Body Radiance ✨ from the PrismPop Tester Bag!
There are 6 gorgeous shimmery shades in this bag and there’s so much pigment that these little pots could last me a long time!
Let’s get to the shade breakdown, from deepest to lightest….
🏅Deep Gold is a rich and creamy shimmer that goes on easily and smoothes out like a dream.
🥉Bronze Gold had less shimmer which I actually liked - I could use this shade as a lightweight summery contour.
🥀 Rose Gold is a cute orangey gold that feels like it’d work wonders on anybody’s skin tone. However, this was where I started having a little more trouble getting a nice smooth spread on the product.
Note - I know my swatches are way bigger and heavier than you’d typically use the product for. But hey, I’m having fun so it’s all good!
🕺 Disco Gold is a real star. It’s a more classic, brassy gold with green undertones and multicolor shimmer. The name suits it well, the shimmers feel like a real disco ball!
🍑 Peach Deluxe is like Rose Gold’s little sister. It’s sweet and peachy and has a nice balanced shine.
🤍 Opalescence is going to be a go-to for a sheer highlight… just a tad bit of shimmer. It’s almost translucent but there’s no mistaking the bright white. This could be way too light for some folks but I think that's what's great about getting the sampler pack! You get to try them all 😊
All of these colors have their own personalities and own situations. Knowing that Melanie used these on Dancing With the Stars to keep her dancers sparkling under the stage light, I can only imagine the multitude of uses this must have for an on-stage performer, especially.
For the rest of us, it’s simply a fabulous liquid highlight with ridiculous sparkle and crazy staying power, to help you play up any makeup look! Give these a shot - you can’t go wrong!
Thanks for watching my satisfying swatches! Let me know in the comments what shade would work best for you…. Have a great day!

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