Look me april 24 2020

Sea Spray Texturized Waves

Texturized hair using Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. Awesome product!

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  • Barbie Steele

    Your hair looks so pretty. Love using texturizers.

  • Daisy

    You should also show the product along with yourself with the results so people can easily see it and get it! Great post though. I followed you! Can you please follow me back? I am so close to my goal!!

  • Daisy

    I have this hairspray! It is absolutely amazing. It keeps your hair in its style without making your hair frizzy! The packaging is really cute. I made a post about this. The smell smells like you just came back from the beach, so refreshing! This is a great product. To all of the ladies out there, I would definitely recommend this to you!

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