Self care day 🥰 Sheet Mask + Moisturizer by Oh K!

Hi beauties! 💕
I wanted to share with you my self-care routine, I love doing something nice for my self once in a while, today I decided to do some skincare 🤩
I decided to start out with the brightening watermelon sheet mask, it had a delicious smell of watermelon and it felt so fresh and relaxing on my skin, I had to wait 20 to 30 min, so I decided to play some spa music and just disconnect from the world for a bit 🥰
When the alarm sounded I removed the sheet mask and used my Jade roller to massage the excess product into my skin🌟
And lastly, I applied some of the glowing moisturizer, it made my skin super soft and glowy, and just went all day without makeup to give my face a nice break ✨
what do you do to relax on a self-care day? 😌

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  • kulnipa

    I love to try this mask, I love the moisturizer mask that works. Thank you

  • Tashia

    I want to try

  • Rose Katz

    🌈This is a great review! I have been wanting to try a Jade Roller. They look like they are a mini massage for your face. The way I relax on a self-care days is I light candles and relax in a bubble bath. I then put on my favorite moisturizer and body spray. I just love smelling good. 🥰🥰

  • Jenn

    Thanks 🎉🎉

  • Rowi

    Love it

  • Nit

    I just love sheet mask 😍

  • Vanessa Jo

    I’m a sucker for sheet masks too! I like to snip the outer eye corners to open it up more. I have almond shaped eyes and they never fit in those little holes lol

  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    Great review!

  • Kelley Harner

    Excited to try these masks I just received! Thanks for the video!

  • Pamela king

    Take a hot bubble bath and put the mask on my face and relax

  • Pamela king

    Take a hot bubble bath and put the mask on my face and relax

  • Robin Bell

    I absolutely love a good sheet mask and this one looks amazing

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I would like to try these masks out as soon as I use up the peel off masks I have and I may even try the moisturizer after I use up my Olay moisturizer.

  • Stefany Scaggs

    I want to try this. I have a night a morning skin care regimn but I really need to add a sheet mask and some moistorizers and a serumn or something. Thanks for the great review

  • Christy Dixon

    On a self care day, which is weekly for me, calls for a bubble bath, glass of pinot, a face mask and nightly skin care regimen. I love the line of face masks from 'Glam Up' they have a whole array of choices from firming to nourishing. I pick depending on what problematic areas in dealing with that partucular week. Weekly self care day keeps me sane and happy!

  • Yan

    On a self care day I would always take a bath, and while I’m in the bath I would have a hair mask on usually coconut oil. In the bath I would always have a sheet mask on too so my face would also be relaxed.

  • Jaqi Jones

    When I have a self-care day I usually will run a bath light some candles grab a bottle of wine and have a glass. While I am In the bath are usually apply a face mask for example on Sundays, I usually use drunk elephant Sukari baby facial for 20 minutes. When I get out of the bath I wash the Sukari baby facial off my face and apply Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil and a bit of Protini Peptide Cream which is really soothing because it is a more like a gel than a cream, also by Drunk Elephant. I recently purchased a gift set from Sol De Janero of the Bun Bum cream, So I apply that on my legs and my back side. I love the smell it’s really indescribable ...but all I can say is it smells like a vacation. When I’m really in the mood to have a full on spa experience I also will apply a hair mask to my hair or a deep conditioning treatment. Other things that I do Would be to do a peppermint foot scrub and maybe burn some sage in my room to clear the energy. I also turn on Spotify and listen to my favorite playlist or put a movie on Netflix or Hulu to chill !

  • Bre Walker

    Cute video! I need that watermelon sheet mask in my life!!!! If I had a 20 minute self-care session, I would do a mask, and do a foot soak bath while the mask sits.

  • Kelly K

    I can't wait till my tester bag arrives! I'm so excited to try everything! Great review! If I only have 20 minutes for skincare I would focus on taking care of my face. I would wash it with a good cleanser first like the Touch In Sol Mission Complete, then use a toner or serum like any of the new Pixie toners or Skin Essentials Daily Glow Serum. Next I would apply a good moisturizer like Touch in Sol All in One Beauty cream. Finally, I would finish with a good primer like Touch in Sol No Pore Blem Primer! My

  • katherine wu

    Love this review, I'm excited to try these masks. If I only had 20 minutes for self care, I would do a face mask from Yesto while painting my nails with the color club nail polish and watching an episode of TV!

  • Pamela king

    I love this video and I going to try each product.

  • Cheryl

    I adore this little video. Your skin looks so great. I definitely need to try the Watermelon sheet mask. I love oh k and Watermelon so it's a win win. If I had 20 mins for myself I'd definitely start by cleaning my face. Then I'd apply a sheet mask (I usually go for the kind that my skin needs at that time so it differs) Then I'd relax in bed watching some true crime shows or makeup swatches. It calms me and helps me center myself. Then after the sheet mask is done I'd apply a serum. My favorite right now is the Estee Lauder Rapid brightening treatment + vitamin c serum. Its makes my skin so soft. Well see how it goes in the days to come. Thank you for this little helpful video. I really enjoyed it.

  • Christina Knittel

    Love this review. We all need self-care. I love the idea of relaxing with spa music while waiting to take the mask off. I will have to try! Watermelon masks sounds like it smells yummy!!

  • Alyssa McLaughlin

    Awesome! I use the jade rolller to kneed in the mask while on my face but never thought to apply the extra serum when taking it off. Thanks for the tip!

  • Micheala

    This is amazing review I can't wait to get to test my sample out to