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Sensitive Safe Skincare

If you have sensitive skin you definitely know that is very hard to find beauty routines! Things tend to either give me chemical burns, leave me even more broken out than I was before and leave my skin painful to the touch.😫  So today, I'm sharing a few of the sensitive safe skincare that is affordable and safe on my skin. 

  • Murad Acne Cleanser ~ this cleanser is the perfect happy medium between helping me with cleansing and keeping my skin blemish free + not aggravating my sensitive skin. This is what I use twice a day. I highly recommend!✨
  • Caudalie Sallyic Acid Blemish Treatment ~ this treatment is light and easy on my super sensitive skin. I have breakouts and some red spots but holy moly this stuff does wonders. 🤩
  • Nivea Tinted Peach Hydrating Lip Balm ~ I really was in the market for a lip product with a slight tint of color and super hydration, then I found this holy grail! 🤯 This tinted lip balm treatment is light, and adds a slight shimmer of peach to your lips, it leaves them soft, hydrated and also over time repaired! I'm glad I found a product like this that I can rely on daily for results, 
  • NYX Clear Shaping Brow Gel ~ This lovely brow gel is easy to use. I use it on the days where I decide to go makeup free but still want to at least sculpt my brows to frame my face. This is lightweight but effective and you can't go wrong with this product being well under $10! 🥳

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