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Serum, Activate!

Hey Gorgious Peeps,

Ok, I am on my second week of using the Hair Serum.

A brief description would be.....

This revitalizing serum treats the scalp with amino acids, minerals, and powerful botanicals that help re-balance oil levels and maintain healthy hair growth. 

Description of using......

I got out of shower each day I use it. I dry my hair with a towel. Then I fill the dropper clear full. I part my hair in the middle. Put the dropper at my hair line and just squeeze the dropper lightly all the way to the crown of my head. They say you might feel the Serum heating a little on your scalp. So don't worry if you do!

The effects......

I do t physically see anything new yet with my eyes but my hair feels softer. So I can't wait to see and feel what happens the following weeks! So excited!

Sending love!!!,


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