Set your make up straight

NYX matte finish setting spray
The best way to make sure your make-up does not move an inch! 
You wanna have a beat face and not feel crazy after a few hours of dancing, working out or doing whatever crazy activities you wanna be doing in life, this will be your life saver!

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  • Alotta Reviews

    I agree with your review. One spritz and your makeup ain't moving!! Lol I love this stuff!! 💜💙

  • Micheala

    Thanks for the review

  • Sabrina

    I love NYX and the fact that it's so affordable. I currently have a Sample of Spellbinder Makeup Setting Spray on Amazon but I would give this a try. With their products I feel even if it's not a win for me, I didn't lose out by trying out. Thank you for the share! 💜

  • Marilyn Wagner

    Love this! I really hope that everyone noticed that NYX makeup had a birthday gift box a sundial with one of each of the following samples including best matte setting spray, a buttery lip gloss, the cutest little mini mascara and the oh so famous NYX pore vanishing primer completely free it was amazing!!!

  • Renee

    Would like to try!!

  • Sidney Dale

    Hello! I'm so glad to hear that this spray works well for you. I'll say that unfortunately I tried to use it for several weeks and it just didn't work well for me at all! It kept making my face feel very sticky and the spray pump constantly got sticky/jammed, even on a second bottle. :( I'm sure it works differently for all people but I don't want someone to be surprised if they try it and it does make their skin look and feel sticky instead of matte and set.

  • Ashley Gross

    I’ve been using this setting spray for over a month now and it works really well for me. It doesn’t dry down to make an over matte look, it comes out just right, which I love. This spray is definitely underrated and needs more recognition!

  • Tina Geane

    Hi Lauren, great Video, I really have been wanting to try this I hear so much about it. I just don't want it matte to the point of looking dry. I actually never used anything for yrs, because back in the day we didn't have setting sprays or "Setting Powders" we had powder or pressed powder in a compact. I tried setting powders but realized , Not so good under my eye area. Then I was taught to use fine milled setting powder every where but under my eyes & there I spray setting spray on a cosmetic sponge & tap it lightly under my 👀 eyes. But why not just spray all over Right?? I need to find one that leaves a Dewy look because Matte ( which was my favorite for everything) is not your friend Over the age of 49 HaHa😂😂. But I have a spray from Grace & Stella , and one from Skin & Co. I was just looking at foundations & setting sprays on Tarte's website. Thats how I ended up here I was looking for reviews on Setting Sprays so I got some ideas on what to order! So thanks so much for your suggestion & video. BTW I love your hair its adorable I may steal that style too! 😂😂😂

  • Olga Davis

    This is a good spray to have along with your setting spray before applying your makeup. Yes it is refreshing and yes it does help keep your makeup on all day. No stickiness or clumping.

  • Nicole Robinson

    It"s not the best but you get what you pay for right.

  • haku izunami

    tell us how long this helped your make up stay. when i used this it last about 2 hours because this started to get messy

  • haku izunami

    ive tried this and i have to say im 50/50 on it after all it did hold my make up not as well as i needed it to but it did.

  • eleemac

    I have tried this and its pretty good.

  • Samantha Jean

    Are u from NOLA?? U sound like u have the accent

  • TripleB

    This is some great stuff! For the low low price too. Found mine for 3.99 at a drugstore in Wisconsin

  • Lauryn

    I wanna try and review products pretty please

  • Lauryn

    I wanna try

  • Shelly Jacquez

    running to the store to grab some, thank you

  • Tina rose

    Thanks for the review

  • Dorothy schmidt

    This sounds amazing I am gonna have to give it a try I have been looking for a good setting spray for a while now thank you for the review

  • Ja-Nee

    I haven't tried NYX matte but Great video. My favorite setting sprays are Urban Decay All Nighter, L.A. Girl PRO setting spray and Grace & Stella Spray all day are my favorites. I like how they keep your makeup fresh and if you do not wear makeup, it's also good for keeping your skin hydrated and refreshed.

  • Ghizlane Hassan

    I purchased smashbox water finish, it is amazing but I would love to try this one, NYX has great products too

  • Anna hudson

    I want to try,what ingredients are in this spray?

  • Yvonne Lopez

    Oh Thank you for the tip. I will purchase. I bought another one that I paid alot of Money and didnt help.. Can't wait to run and get..

  • Crystal Jones

    One of my favs!

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