SHAPE TAPE TEAM? My Tarte Collection - Base, Face, and Shape Tape!

You’ve heard of SHAPE TAPE concealer, but what about the TEAM?!
Everyone who is interested in makeup has heard of Shape Tape concealer, it is every beauty you tubers go to! But have you taken the time to try out the rest of the team? I actually discovered that the “Shape Tape” line from Tarte is amazing! I use it lightly for every day, or pack it on for a punch! 
DISCLAIMER: I have dry skin that is sensitive, so I can only speak from this perspective.
❤️base tape hydrating primer - If you love coconuts, you’re in for a treat. This primer feels like a moisturizer which is so important for people with dry skin. Its super lightweight but definitely rich enough to plump the skin
❤️face tape foundation (shade fair light beige) - it’s hypoallergenic! Great for sensitive skin, I love that this is a full coverage foundation that doesn’t make me feel cakey. I love how smooth it makes my skin, and with the primer, it never sinks into my pores.
❤️shape tape concealer (fair neutral) - This has become a household name! I have to say at first I did not love the product, it was way too full coverage for me. Then I learned that using less gave me the desired finish I was going for!
❤️shape tape setting powder - I get very nervous when using powder, so as you can see in the video I apply it with a brush under the eyes, and just you one dab to sweep across my whole face. It really locks everything in place, and I’ve never had flashback! 
I’ve put these products to the test and every time they’re together they always last 12+ hours.
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