What did I get?? Shop With Me at Sephora’s Holiday Savings Event!

Hello everyone!!! 
I decided to take you all on a shopping excursion with me to my local Sephora inside JC Penny.
💰💰Recently Sephora had their Holiday Savings Event. It was perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some new goodies or get a head start on your gift list for everyone who loves skin care, makeup, fragrance, and hair care as much as you do.
If this is your first time hearing about the Sephora Beauty Insider program; let me give you a few details. Firstly it's totally free to sign up (so if you haven't already do it PRONTO!) You receive points for every dollar you spend in either Sephora or Sephora Inside JC Penny which you can save up and redeem for sample/trial sizes of products or even cash off future purchases and your tier status is based on how much 💵 you spend: 
Rouge - spend at least $1000 a year 
VIB - spend at least $350 per year
Insider - free to join. 

In regards to the Holiday Savings Event if you are a Rogue or VIB you got to shop the Holiday Savings Event earlier, longer, and with a deeper discount than Insider members. This year I have reached VIB status! 
- Rouge: 20 percent off from October 30 to November 9
- VIB: 15 percent off from November 3 to November 9
- Insider: 10 percent off from November 5 to November 9

I usually try to look online first for things I might want to purchase and then check my location to see if it's available for purchase because a girl loves instant gratification. 😂
This time none of the items I looked at showed up at my store location, so I decided to go in blind and see what products would be available. 
I was greeted by the wonderful employees who at this point know me by name and always ask about how my girls and family are doing. That just goes to show you how much time I have spent there since it has opened. 🛍 
Personally, I love picking up the Sephora Favorites boxes as they have different ones for hair, skincare, fragrance, or makeup and each box itself carries a variety samples of different brands in them; with at least 1-2 items being full sized items. Unfortunately none of the boxes I contemplated online were at my location, so I kept on looking. 
I kept going back and forth between utilizing my discount to stock up on more of my essentials like THE INKEY LIST or to use it on a splurge item.
After about an hour of pacing around the store and going back and forth; I finally decided to treat myself and used my discount to splurge on the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette. It's a palette I have had my eye on for a while but could never bring myself to pull the trigger. It's normally $65 but with my 15% discount it made it easier to purchase. 
I also redeemed some of my Insider points and got a travel size of the IGK First Class Dry Shampoo and the Anastasia Beverly Hills mini eye primer. 
Hope you enjoyed tagging along with me on my Sephora shopping trip. 
Are you in the Beauty Insider program? Did you take advantage of the Savings Event? If you aren't an Insider yet will you be joining now? 
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  • Rita Whirls

    Great post with products I want to use. I like the colors. Thanks for all the information. You make shopping look fun.

  • Dawn

    Looks like a good haul u got there....I too love Sephora....there prices are reasonable and fair and they have quality products

  • Coca Bonilla

    Looks like a great idea

  • LC100baby

    Omg I love Sephora it’s always such a treat to shop there. And they make you feel like such a movie star when you’re there. Great picks loving that shadow palette !!💜🦋🦄

  • Brittany S

    Are you loving your Huda palette?! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things!

  • Jennifer Duarte

    Great video and post lots of detail and a great read. Thanks for all the information. I hope you are enjoying your palette.

  • Crissy Anderson

    Great video! Thank you! I've been wanting to try The Inkey List. I've been using several products from The Ordinary and though I do like them, I've heard so many good reviews about The Inkey list. That palette is so pretty. I couldn't of resisted that either! Enjoy!!

  • Flor

    I am a beauty insider,got my birthday gift and enjoy this store.I also look online before shopping since sometimes they run out of products and they always have samples to try.

  • Mary McNeil

    Beautiful sets of color! I love pallets when they include colors I KNOW I will use & these I definitely will.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Nice video review and I'll have to stop in there and check out their products and gift ideas.

  • Tiffany Hite

    Wow. Enjoyed the video clip .I loved that palette so many pretty shades!!

  • Marlena Fannin

    Enjoyed shopping through your eyes,, however you would get much more than I would. I am not shopping for makeup or cleansing products this year. Thanks for sharing.

  • Serena

    You have great taste girl! I really enjoyed shopping with you in the store. It adds such a fun dynamic and the way you filmed it made it feel like a VR experience.

  • Patricia

    If I wouldn't have that many Huda palettes I'd finally get the Mercury Retrograde, I took advantage of my Sephora discount days ago and purchased skin care sets, a couple of Laneige Lip Masks sets, and a couple of Belif Aqua Bomb Deep Hydration Sets, and some Mascaras Sets to gift as well, the rest of the sets I purchased directly from brand sites, and department stores, and managed to save a ton. I haven't fallen into the makeup temptation just yet 😆 I'm getting the perfume sets somewhere else with better saving than Sephora that tends to be overpriced in pretty much everything, but I appreciate my birthday gift so always purchase this month. Great post!

  • Naf

    Great selections and nice palette. I haven't recently ordered something though I am searching to get something for myself. I haven't bought anything from Huda Beauty, if I do come across a good price, then I might. I need to stop myself from buying the same kind of beauty products, like for example always buying something for eyes, I need something for lips and cheeks too.

  • Melissa Sprinkle

    So pretty! I swear i think i could live in this store! I always buy my daughter items in sephora and ulta stores every year for bday,Christmas whatever holiday it is.. but it's definitely my favorite place to spend money

  • Amanda Tilot

    the colors are amazing!! would love to own some

  • Pauline

    Love the Holidays with all those gifts to give and get. I especially like busting them opened. I do get a kick out of wrapping gifts a lot more! Thanks for sharing this video spot it is so inviting and to gather things you always wanted to try out or have. I have gone through the Ulta Department Store they also carry most of what is shown here. So overboard can't decide on just one item to choose. I am a perfume gift bag person mostly.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Wow those colors in the palette you got are amazing~ love it.

  • Anniikan

    This season has me trying to keep everything moisturized, my skin has been so cold, dry, and fragile. I've been working on good skincare. Haven't purchased from Huda yet, but I plan on doing so. Gotta stop myself from buying more everything, I'm addicted! 🤩

  • Heather Rivera

    I love Sephora..yes i joined the program.I was excited cause i received a free birthday present the bum bum cream and i love it.i just bought it again recently..

  • Katherine S

    I love Sephora! I joined the program last year and I have not regretted it at all! Thanks for the post!

  • Joy Stewart

    Great video! Sephora is my Disneyland — I could play there everyday! Shopped the sale and stocked up on skincare! —Dermatica Daily Microfoliant and Murad Retinol Youth Renewal serum. Plus my fave staples — Milk Makeup Lip+Cheek and IT Cosmetics brow powder.

  • charlotte sanfilippo

    omg I saw that palette and got all tingly lol I need that

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