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Showdown: Surratt Pointilliste v. Elcie Lashfull

Surratt Pointilliste Mascara in Noir ($28) and Elcie Cosmetics Lashfull ($24) have been two mascaras I’ve found that are some of the darkest out on the market--and they’re both in a similar price range. I really enjoy that both of these are a rich, bold shade of deep black, but there are also a ton of differences among the two. 
Let’s get to it, shall we?
Size: Surratt Pointilliste Mascara is much smaller in size than the Elcie Lashfull Mascara.
Applicator: Surratt Pointilliste Mascara has fine bristles that help get to the smallest of lashes, so can be extremely ideal for those with shorter lashes. Elcie Lashfull’s applicator has thicker bristles, but the bristles are closer together to one another, which makes a few lashes clump together when applying.
Feel on Application: Surratt Pointilliste Mascara glides on pretty easily, and allows you to go at each lash with precision, while Elcie Lashfull Mascara, being as it is of thick consistency, clumps a little. This can be good or bad depending on the type of lash effect you want.
Final results: Elcie Lashfull Mascara helps your lashes resemble false lashes because of how thick each strand looks after a few lashes clump together. The lashes look nice and curled, even without an eyelash curler, too. On the other hand, Surratt Pointilliste Mascara gives the lashes more of a straight effect, and while each individual lash is visible as opposed to a few being clumped into one, the lashes do not look as thick or voluminous as they would when using Elcie. 

Which one are you-- straight and natural? Or curled and bold?

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  • Rose Guttillo

    I am straight and natural. Good review and explanation on the two types of the mascara, for which look you would like to be achieved.

  • Jennifer Henning

    Nice review! def interested and always looking for new and different mascara that doesn't clump and that makes your lashes fuller. Thanks for sharing these products.

  • Robin Bell

    I love showdown videos

  • Jolie Wasneechak

    I need new mascara ill have to try this

  • Kate D.

    This is a really great review! I'm really torn over these mascaras. I'm really anal about the shape of the applicators that I'll use. I don't like the applicator for the Elcie Cosmetics Lashfull mascara, but it made your lashes look really nice and full. I love the curled lash effect. I don't exactly love the applicator for the Surratt Pointilliste mascara, but that's more of the type of applicator that I'd be most likely to use. However, I don't like how it made your lashes look like they're sticking straight out. You're beautiful either way, though! ❤ I usually prefer an applicator that is bigger, thick in the middle, and tapered at the ends. Perhaps I should try to expand my horizons and not be so picky, because you're lagers look fantastic from using the mascara with the applicator that I didn't like. Would you repurchase the Elcie mascara? What type or shape of applicator do you prefer, if you have a preference?

  • Cristy

    This mascara on you is dynamite I must say. It hugs your every lash plushly and in the best way. I prefer the lashful one in this comparison but both are exquisite. My top favorite mascara of the moment is Khol Les Yeux Noirs Lash Amplifying Lacquer by Christian Louboutin (yes he makes make up now too). This mascara by Christian delivers dramatic volume, enhancing the definition, length, lift and curl of lashes. It really is phenomenal.

  • Danielle Butler

    My favorite mascara is covergirl lash blast

  • Kaye Knight

    Would love to try this

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    These look good and even though I don't use a lot of mascara I will have to try these out for when I do.

  • Adaria Johnson

    Fabulous products

  • Erin Taranto

    Amazing review! You are STUNNING!

  • Summer

    I’m a curled and bold girl! I used to do the natural look until I reached my 30’s and my lashes started to thin out. I don’t like the clumpy mascara tho.

  • Rose Katz

    The Curled and bold look is the best look! I love how curly and full the lashes look. They don't clump and can go with any outfit. Whether you want to dress up or wear it to work to add a fierce look for the day. I would run another mascara brush through the curly lashes so that it doesn't look as clumpy. I would pair it with a sundress and wedge shoes. Or, if I wanted to go out for the night, I would add some highlighter and a pair of glittery pants and a shimmery top. I like the mascaras a lot.

  • Kelly K

    Gorgeous lashes girl!!!! I'll have to try this one! Also thanks for the detailed review. So my favorite mascara so far has been Shiseido Controlled Chaos Mascara. I just did a review on that so check it out!!! I like it because it makes your lashes look longer and fuller and doesn't clump like most. As far as my Femme-fatale look? I honestly don't have one. I prefer a more natural look because I'm a mother of 3 with one on the way and am very busy so I don't always get much time for a whole look lol. Thanks again for the great review and have a great day!!!!

  • Rose Guttillo

    I am just a straight and natural look. Maybe, I should go bold .

  • Brooke Wallace

    Thank you for the wonderful tips. I love trying new products, especially mascara. I use the "Better Than Sex Mascara: Too Face". But I am always excited to try new products!

  • Ann Thomas

    I would not pay 28 or 24 for those mascara! The natural look is like is not even there and the curly affect looks extra clumpy, the eyelashes are stuck together- no definition at all! My favorite mascara is Maybelinne Lash Stiletto, gives length.

  • Nikki

    Love this! Great review! I def wanna try it i love a good dark lengthing mascara! One that i like a lot is lash stilloett by maybalene! It also makes them a lil glossy as well!

  • Christina Knittel

    I like the straight lash look more, looks a lot more natural. The curled lash look is more clumpy looking in my opinion. Natural looking lashes are the way to go!

  • natosha miller

    I honestly love the review. Very much a difference can be detected by the two. I really am both if I can choose that. ☺ I prefer some days going natural and straight. While most times I like to go out and appear as if I have these very bold and brilliantly full, lifted lashes. I never liked that spider look from clumping and hate when the lashes look like that. I think from the two, Elsie Cosmetics is much more likely to be my choice for my lashes. I really can't do the too clumped together appearance. It always looks like too much to wear on the lashes with that style. However, I do wish it could curl a bit more, but I rather sacrifice the lack of height and not appear as if I have thick, clumpy lashes any day. ☺♥ This review really helps me to see the two side by side and make a good opinion on what each brush and color can do for the lashes. You did a great review on the two and it really is great to hear an honest opinion with real negative thoughts as not all products are perfect and I love to know before I buy. Thank you so much!♥ Great Review ♥♥

  • katherine wu

    Great review, I'd try the Elcie Lashfull mascara, but right now my favorite mascara is Gucci L'obscur mascara because it is great for my sensitive eyes and adds a ton of length and volume! I first got it as a sample, and I completely fell in love!

  • Melissa Green

    So, mascara is the one thing I always wear, even if I'm having an off day and opt to skip the whole make-up routine... I have auburn hair so my lashes are naturally light. Applying mascara really brings out my eyes and makes me feel more confident. I would totally be lost without my mascara. As for my favorite, I'd have to go with Physicians Formula Instant Doll Lash Extension Kit. The fibers that come with the kit really add the volume and length that I so need.

  • Mallory

    Good effort on the application girl! I have to say I wouldn't choose either mascara though. I def have my go to picks and they are listed below. I would love to try the ABH mascara being offered as the daily giveawAy as I do love ABH though!! My favorite go to mascara at the moment however does depend on what kind of look I am trying to achieve but...overall- Urban Decay Lash Perversion is my absolute one. I wear it daily. I try a lot of new products every week, lots of new mascaras, but I always seem to come back to this one. I have also tried the Wander mile high in one of monthly sub boxes and I wasn't that impressed. It is buildable and soft formula. It's good for a natural look as well, not glam. But lash perversion though!!! Girl -is super soft and thickening. It makes your lashes look and feel like they are natural and you are not wearing ANY mascara. On a day to day that's the look I go for. It's not used for a super big or fancy glam but it is a beautiful addition to a soft natural looking face. It is buildable and never clumpy. Another option for full on glam, and I don't even hAve to use falsies for, is the Stila HuGE mascara. This is great! If I want that extra kick and length I love the Stila HUGE. You can apply it over anything, I mean Any other mascara or primer or what not and it doesn't clump. No spider eyes, it is big lash style and is extremely buildable. It provides super long and thick dark lashes that I just adore. And for the more natural look perversion is my #1. I will never stop using this. Lastly, I have never tried a full glam femme fatale look. I am not on the dramatic side of things at all but I do own every item listed in the femme fatale video so I guess I could try it out!! Thanks beauties!

  • Marlena Fannin

    I have had a problem with mascara ever since I started wearing 9t in high school. I have really sensitive eyes and every mascara I have found makes my eyes red and watery. They also burn like crazy. Well, my mom used to get me the mascara for sensitive eyes from Avon. I think they discontinued it or something, doesn't matter anyways because| I found ELF. One is volumizing with a short brush n the other is waterproof length & volume. The 2 together accomplish my look n no eye allergies.