SIMPLE Cleansing Facial Wipes

These Simple cleansing facial wipes are really nice. I'm surprised at how great they work. These ones are for sensitive skin and they clean awesome. The size is perfect, not too small, they removed all of my makeup including mascara. These came in a beauty box normally I don't buy for sensitive skin so I'm really surprised at how it did remove all of my makeup. They smell great too maybe like an aloe. I'm very happy with these I will keep buying them they removed all of my makeup, left my face feeling soft and clean, the size is perfect and their very affordable too. 

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  • Hibah

    Wow! These wipes look great! I have heard about the company Simple but I haven’t tried any of their products. It’s exactly what I like, just simple, nothing complex about wipes. They shouldn’t be loaded with fragrances or have prices out of your budget. Thank you for the review! I will definitely try these out!

  • sally peabody

    Very helpful review. In the past I passed over the simple line because I felt it was for younger skin. I use wipes and these sound great. Thank you !