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Simple day look #lovemylips

I'm always on the hunt for just the perfect lip gloss. I think I found it in this E.L.F. Ride or Die Lip Balm. It is the perfect blend of moisturizing lip product, lip shine, and the perfect hint of color! It's honestly my favorite look it's one that I can honestly wear every single day whether I'm going to work or just going to run errands and it just keeps my lips looking at their absolute best.

This came as a three piece set, a nice clear balm, a berry colored one and a wonderful nude one that is my favorite. they all smell really nice as well. 

It comes in this simple to and all you got to do is get a little pig quite literally a dab will do you you put it on your lips and it really does stay for a few hours. It doesn't leave your lips super dry it doesn't leave them feeling like you need to put more on throughout the day which is what I really love to look for in a lip product.

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