Simple Micellar Water for Monday Morning Routine

☺️ Hi, guys my name is Yuki and this is my got-a-late-start Monday Morning Routine.
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☝ So this is the first step of a refreshing, extra pampering Monday morning routine. I don’t like to use harsh cleansers on my face in the morning, so this is a perfect little way to pep up my face before work.
👍 Simple Micellar Water is great because it’s kind to skin (says so on the package!) and I can attest to that because I have very sensitive skin and this doesn’t make me break out or turn red.
💊 This Micellar Water has Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C and no harsh chemicals or perfumes. 
◻️ I just put it on a small cotton pad - this one’s by Muji - and give my whole face a quick swipe.
✅ That’s it! That’s all I have to do in order to prep my face after crawlin out of bed in the morning when I didn’t get much sleep last night.
👀 Keep watching my next videos to see the rest of my Monday Morning routine (even if they don’t go up on a Monday…) - Coming Soon!
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Thank you for watching!! Bye bye, 💜 Yuki

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