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Simple Winged Eye Sexy!

I LOVE this look so much!!!!! I did a very simple nude eye using a very cheap L.A Colors Brown palette, ELF liquid liner, Epic mascara, Dollar store lashes by Believe cosmetics, Younique foundation in Satin, Coty Airspun powder, Pixi by Petra blusher in Beach Rose and Well To Do lipstick by Younique.

Quick tip: For hooded eyes, it's hard to see the wing if I do it traditionally. So, I use what I've heard called a "bat wing" eyeliner look. I make the line from my outer corner up, then I look straight on into a mirror and go inward to where my wing is visible; from there, I swoop it down to my lashline in a curve. Finish up with a thin line across the lashline! I will do a video soon so yall can see exactly how I do this!🥰

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