Skin Emergency? Beauty Aid Cream to the Rescue!

First Aid Cream for your face! Dry Skin be gone!

 Recently my skin has gotten a lot more sensitive since I have increased the usage of retinol, aha and bha use, not at the same time of course, but either one or the other; every night.

The reason why I was so curious about this cream is because it contains Ceramide and Centella. Ceramides are well known for its restorative properties, such as replenishing the natural lipids in the skin that are lost from everyday exposure, it helps to restore moisture and reinforces the skins natural barrier. Centella also know as Cica, improves circulation, boosts antioxidant activity to help strengthen the skin. It promotes collagen production and helps with inflammation.

Let’s be real, I’ve seen so many good reviews on this cream, that it makes sense to try it myself. Might as well cut to the chase… Touch In sol has another good review for this cream to add under its belt and I tell you why… It’s one of the very few creams I’ve used that contains Shea butter that doesn’t break me out because of it’s lightweight and dreamy consistency, making it suitable for all skin types including acne prone and sensitive.

I use this as the last step of my routine, it absorbs well, with no greasy texture or film sitting on top. The next morning my face feels as soft as a fluffy cloud, supple and super hydrated with the previous nights sensitivities and redness of using acids; gone. A dreamy cream that’s true it’s word, it delivers beauty first aid and is a waterfall to the face!

Comes in a medicinally-looking cute white and red tube! Thick creamy lotion with a fresh light scent.

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  • Micheala

    I have been curious to try this product. is it worth purchasing? does it help restore my skin? thanks

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