Skin Recovery - IPO 4 Recover Sheet Mask

This was a process but it did a great job glowing up my skin and making me feel extra pampered!
Do you use sheet masks? What's your fave?
& Let me know if you wanna try by clicking 😍 I Wanna Try!
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  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    Looks refreshing!

  • Flecial Whitley

    This will have to be my next try!

  • Jennifer Henning

    I've never tried a sheet mask. I've heard great things about them and always wanted to try them. Great review.

  • Rachel Lokos

    Does it leave a gross thick residue on your skin?

  • Sheila Potter

    Would love to try these

  • Nicole Robinson

    I try any sheet mask I can gets my hands on. Each one has something uniquely different to offer. They are wonderful quick way to get in the zone and put your mind at ease while nourishing you’re skin.

  • Rose Guttillo

    I want to try a sheet mask.

  • Rhonda Parker

    St. Ives makes a really great sheet mask that moisturizes, but doesn't make your face oily, which is great for combination skin, like mine!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    This looks like to much of a hassle to me because there are to many steps compared to other sheet masks. I prefer peel off masks there are less steps to take.

  • Laura Brosca

    Thank you for your review..I have not tried any type of sheet mask yet. I eventually will but there are so many. How do I know which is the best for me? Uugghh

  • nicole bowers

    Sadly, I do NOT use masks as I feel "dried out" & "suffocated" with them on my face!

  • Jennifer Greer

    It looks amazing

  • Jessica Bryant

    This looked like fun! I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms and this would be perfect! I mentioned before that I love the Sephora Watermelon mask set for face and décolleté and that’s because it’s AMAZING!! 💦☀️

  • sally peabody

    This looks fabulous what a collection of perfect 4 step recovery. This is something I would truly enjoy. The sheet mask is that thick texture I prefer. Lots of product in that one. I tried looking up the ingredients but it seems to be a secret. I did see apricot seeds in the exfoliater .. I assume... and have not liked them in the St Ives scrub but this one may just be so much better. I use sheet masks. I use many types of masks but the sheets are straight and seem to lock in moisture. If the fit is tight I enjoy them. I have seen the ones with the ear loops to lift and hold mask in place. That will be my next purchase my favorite at the moment is Glow by Peach and Lily.

  • Patricia

    This 4 step on the go facial truly rocks! Definitely want to try it, your skin looks amazing! Thanks for the equally amazing demo and review! Sheet masks are a must have at least once a week, it's the easiest, and most relaxing way to get full benefits of a supercharged skincare treatment, some favorites are Peach and Lily The Original Glow sheet mask that comes truly saturated in product for serious glowy skin, for intense hydration, and lifting I like Celavive by Usana, tighter and brighter complexion in just 20 minutes.

  • Lisa Navas

    I don't know if I would put the cream on after the mask, I think my face will look more oily.

  • Stephanie Grant

    Great review I would love to try this out, I usually use Pond’s Hydrate + Glow mask and it works well except for the sticky residue afterwards

  • Nia Deloney

    I'm not really a fan of sheet masks. I feel like they don't really leave as much of a result as a wash off mask🤷.

  • Bonita kasee

    Wow, thanks for sharing, your skin looks amazing after the mask, really glows, I would love to try this, I dont have a favorite yet, maybe this will be ?? Lol

  • Lori Odaniel

    Thanks for sharing you looked awesome with it looking so soft i love sheet masks they make you feel so relaxed i recently found no7 for aging you use it once daily for 4 weeks it contains a moisturizing and plumping hyaluronic acid and an anti-wrinkle peptide matrixyl 3000 with these two ingredients you have an intense formula to battle aging signs. Thanks again for your wonderful demonstration.

  • Sarah Wennihan

    Thank you for this review this mask set looks amazing!! The mask fabric looked so soft. Definitely looking into this brand. I love sheet masks. I use at least 3 a week in the morning (hydrating or moisturizing) and do my all time favorite sheet mask *Midflower Rosa Damascena Biocellulose Peel Mask* once a week at night. Midflower has 3 other sheet masks, that are all phenomenal as well. Their charcoal detox sheet mask is a go to for my morning routine, on days my skin feels congested.

  • haku izunami

    Omg that does make you look absolutely radiant! That does look like a good way to pamper yourself! I'm glad to hear you've had a good experience so far. I love love love sheet masks! My personal favorite mask is the time wise miracle mask from marykay it's a tad expensive but my dark circles are a lot less noticeable and have a more supple texture unfortunately you cant just get them in a store but I can get them online.

  • Marilyn Wagner

    I'm a huge fan of patchology mood masks especially the good fight. They are so simple to use and they leave my face feeling so soft and smooth it's hard not to touch it all night after. They are fairly cheap less than $4 a pack and you don't have to use them every night. But when I do use them I use them after I wash my face at night and before I go to bed. I have since noticed smaller pores and almost no visible fine lines ever since I have started using patchology masks!!! I would love to try a face mask with avocado in it it looks amazing!!!!!

  • Virginia. Tackett

    I love sheet masks this looks really creamy would love to try.

  • Naf

    This is nice, you can feel pampered. My favorite sheet mask is by Erno Laszlo. I use it like once every other week..

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