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Skincare fridge

Color coordinating my skincare products! Disclaimer🛑 Don’t worry I don’t keep these products actually in there this is only for a picture. The reason for the disclaimer is because you should NOT put facial oils in fridge like temperatures and CLAY MASKS!!! Let me know if you have any questions about that or if you want to let me know anything I’m open to suggestions too! I love learning new thing I only know the basics because I went to cosmetology school but I’m looking to further my education and go to esthetician school. But.. I love this skincare fridge. Let’s talk about the products I do put in it that are 100% okay to put in the fridge. Sheetmasks✅ Eye creams ✅ Eye gels✅ Eye gel masks✅ Some toners✅

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  • Jennifer Brown

    Oh em geeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am beyond jelly!! I want one sooooooo bad... and I have so many serums and masks and toners and and and lol 😆 I love this idea. I saw one for $53 at Kohl's and I sooooooo want to go get one, but I'm a baller on a small budget sooooooo I will have to just be jelly instead 🤣🤣 maybe Santa 🎅 will help Mama out this year lol So I was wondering what serums would be necessary to have in a skincare fridge. Like just the vitamin C ones? Or all of them? I have a large um we'll say collection of serums at this point and I need to organize them better. I don't want to have them spill or go bad

  • Christina Clark

    I've been wanting one of these for a while, but was hesitant about making the purchase. I've seen several online(none in local stores), and they all look similar but are different prices. Are there any specific things I should look for when purchasing a mini ...or are they all pretty much the same? Also, thank you for the information on what to store inside!

  • Jackie

    What a great idea