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Skincare galore🙆🏼‍♀️💜

This absolutely gorgeous gift landed on my porch today and when I opened it I was elated.

This beautiful tester bag was sent over by Prism pop and Oh K to try and review. I'm so blessed and thankful for this opportunity.

I've used Oh K products before and have had nothing but amazing results. Luckily everything in my bag is new to me so I'm super excited to get to try all these beautiful new skincare products.

Oh K is a Korean skincare brand that produces targeted face mask (sheet and hydrogel) serums, moisturizers, feet mask and under eye mask.

Oh K is a cruelty free brand with most products suitable for vegans. You'll notice most product ingredients begin with water which is key in hydration.

Oh K Studios started in London then traversed their way to Seoul Korea where the k beauty trend was in the forefront of koren skincare. Taking ingredients that have been effective in skincare and creating innovative solutions in trend setting packaging that actually show results.

⬇️Below are all the products I received in my beautiful holographic prism pop beauty bag⬇️

(each product will be reviewed in a separate post so I can give them all the chance to shine and give my experience with each individually)

☆Brightening Watermelon sheet mask~~retails for $3.

☆Skin Clarifying leopard print sheet mask~~retails for $5.

☆Revitalizing Peppermint foot mask~~retails for $9.

☆Replenishing Je Ju Island hydrogel mask~~retails for $7.

☆Chok Chok Glowing Moisturizer with citrine~~retails for $15.

Please check back for full reviews pictures and videos of each individual product.

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  • Kelly K

    I just got mine and am so excited!!! I can't wait to try everything out! I'm already loving the Glowing Moisturiser it smells so good! Thanks for the review!