Smelling great

Viva la Juicy Soiree and Viva la Juicy Couture are 2 of my favorite fragrances to wear. The smell of Viva la juicy Soiree has the smell of wild flowers and sweetness, soft and subtle.  The smell of Viva la Juicy Couture has the smell of wildflowers and spices giving a feeling of i can do anything! These 2 fragrances can be worn day or evening. Sophistication at best.

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  • Kelly K

    Ooo I also love these two scents. Aren't they fabulous? They smell amazing!!!!

  • Sarah

    Viva la juicy makes some of my most favorite scents!! I haven't tried these two but definitely would love to try!! Thanks for the post. I really love the bottles always such beautiful bottles.