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Smooth, flawless skin with Touch In Sol😱

🌸What is it? Issues with your skin? That'll be No Pore Blem with this primer! designed to cover pores, wrinkles and uneven texture, the Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer has your back! This product is designed to leave your skin smooth and flawless! ❤️


So right away I can immediately see the difference on both sides of my face. The primer really made my skin look a lot smoother. When you pump out the primer it does feel like silicone. It also has a really nice clean scent to it. It rubs into the skin very quickly, and made my face feel baby soft. 

💄How well does foundation look over top?

 The results are incredible. My foundation just glided right over top of it. And just look at how smooth and flawless it really made the skin. I'm really just wowed by these results. I must admit this is the first primer I've had in a LONG time that has made my skin look this good! 

The full face⬇️

Seriously OBSESSED with this primer so far! My skin looks and feels super smooth. I have nothing on besides the primer and my foundation. So we are really going to test the primers strength. 

☺️After about 6+ hours of wear: 

After about 6+ hours of wear and running some errands, my face still looks great!! This is with absolutely NO touch ups or anything, which is amazing! I have oily skin so I usually always touch up at least once, especially if I'm out and about. Over all I am very impressed😊

🤍My final review: I think this primer is amazing. Definitely a new favorite. If you don't have it, you need it! This primer makes your skin feel super soft, and leaves it looking smooth and flawless!! If you have oily skin, this would definitely be an awesome product to own. I was blown away that after 6+ hours of wear and running around in the heat, that my foundation looked as good as it did. This primer will definitely keep you looking great all day long. I also love that the primer comes with a pump, and I love the super cute packaging it comes in. 

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