🧼 Soap and Glory Pink Tank Goodies🍬 Unboxing my gift set 💝

Hey, Poppers!
My boyfriend surprised me with this awesome Soap and Glory Pink Tank gift set. It came with a total of 6 different full-size products. The value for the set is $53. Everything came in a cute little tin wrapped in a Soap and Glory bag. 💕
Rushower Dry Shampoo was the first thing I grabbed. The smell is awesome and I find myself smelling it randomly throughout the day! It doesn't leave any kind of residue behind and makes your hair look freshly washed! I thought I found my favorite dry shampoo, but this one takes the cake. 👍
The Scrub Of Your Life body scrub is a gel body wash with scrubbing beads in the mix! It's very foamy which I think is unusual with a scrub but highly recommend. The smell is very strong, but subtle once you rinse. Soap and Glory have scented this product with their original trademark scent "Pink". My skin was much smoother after using, but became dry and felt like I needed to use twice the lotion compared to showering with my other scrubs. 👎
Clean On Me clarifying shower gel is a cleansing and hydrating body wash. It's thick and very sudsy. I have never used a body wash that calls itself clarifying and cannot wait to use it. This product is also scented the same as the scrub. 
The Righteous Butter body butter is scientifically🧪 proven to keep skin hydrated for 72 hours! It's very creamy and leaves my skin feeling and smelling wonderful. It contains shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin E and rosehip oil. It was awarded the Fabulous Beauty Award of 2020.

What is this Pink signature scent in all these products? It is an abundance of earthy 🌏 and floral 💐 scents all mashed up into a beautiful signature scent. They describe it as a fruity warm earthy vibe with notes of patchouli, oakmoss, violet, citrus, and some other floral hues to create their final scent.
The last two goodies were Off Your Face Cleaning Clothes and Puffy Eye Attack under-eye mask. 👀
The cloths are soft with a little bit of texture to help wipe away impurities. Each wipe contains peach🍑 and goji berry extracts that leave your face smelling and feeling fresh. They also are alcohol-free! 🚫
I have not used the eye mask yet, but am anxiously waiting to open them when the time is right. They are said to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness. Each mask contains licorice root and cucumber🥒 juice extract for brightening and moisturizing.
Thanks for reading and comment below your favorite Soap and Glory product from the set below!👇

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