Soapbox Restore and Revive Lightweight Avocado Oil: First Time Use

Hey PrismPop! Today I am reviewing the Soapbox Restore and Revive Lightweight Avocado Oil. 
🗓 This is my first time using this product.
🧖🏾‍♀️ You can use this in dry or wet hair.
💁🏽‍♀️ I sprayed it at the roots and ends of my hair after shampooing
🥑 It has a pleasant smell with a hint of avocado scent
⏰ After letting my hair air dry, it was softer than usual, and the ends felt healthier than before
🤔 VERDICT: I would highly recommend this and I’m going to keep using it as part of my hair care routine!
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  • Raven

    Awesome excited to try!

  • Angela Brake

    Il am very reluctant about using hair oils,,,but I would definitely like to try this one out!I just have to use a small amount,as my hair is very fine!

  • Mae keys

    Avocado is a healthy ingredient in this oil

  • Michell Lea Campbell

    I use oils on my hair! This one sounds like great stuff!! I would love to see how it does on mine!!

  • Nicole Bourque

    Sounds very nice! I have incorporated oils into my skincare routine but not so much in my hair b/c im afraid of weighing it down! Thanks for reviewing✌💖💄



  • Giselle


  • Brandi Wells

    I would love to try this Avocado Oil. Did it improve and help your skin?

  • Lisa Pomeroy

    I love anything avocado. Be it eating it or creams for body or hair. I'd love to try this!!

  • Shelly Jacquez

    winter hair is something i have trouble caring for and would like to see how this can help - thanks for the review

  • Ousedline Lafleur

    I wanna try this!😍

  • Danielle Gentry

    You had me at Avocado!!! It's like a super fruit, it's good for everything lol. My hair is weird while it is very dry and damaged, my roots tend to get very oily with most product use. I have tried hair oil. Many years ago when I was young and ignorant lol I tried a particular hair oil (sorry I dont remember the brand because it was literally like 15 years ago lol), put way to much in my hair and ended up looking like I stuck my head in a vat of cooking oil 😟. Very bad first impression. However not so long ago I did try the Hask Argan Oil from Walmart and when used correctly, it actually made my hair feel so much softer and made it look healthier. I would love to try this oil, again mainly because of the avocado!

  • Sarah

    Oh I would love to try this product! It looks great, I haven't yet tried anything with avocado oil in it! I have tried turmeric I make a homemade mask with yogurt, honey and turmeric mix will and leave on face for 5 minutes it makes your skin brighter and also reduces redness. There's tons of other uses for turmeric such as naturally slowing the growth of facial hair haven't tried but have heard it works after repeated use. But all and all I am interested in learning more about avocado and trying!

  • Steffany Barahona

    Beautiful hair. If Soapbox Restore and Revive Lightweight Avocado Oil made a difference on the 1st use that's a major plus for me. I use oils in my hair rather than my face so this is right up my alley.

  • Jaffel

    i love avocado oil and i must try this

  • Andrea Tharp

    😍 I wanna try!

  • Spent

    I wanna try too! Awesome!

  • Lisa Day

    I wanna try 😍

  • chasity caviness

    I have never tried this, but I definitely would.Your hair looks great.

  • jessica powell

    I use both hair & facial oils and I love them both! If my hair & skin needs a little TLC or for daily maintenance my facial & hair oils never let me down!

  • Janet Lane

    Avocado is so good for you, both inside and out.

  • Denise freeman

    I use avacado on hair it has all oil in it , can't wait to try as me being African American our hair need oil daily , hope that so I can recommend to my friends and family. Thanks

  • Alejandra

    This looks is amazing

  • Shannon citrino

    This looks amazing for dry hair!! I live avocado products for hair and would definitely use something like this! Your hair looks great!

  • Alexandra

    So it looks like you've found a holy grail product! If it's light weight and doesn't make your hair greasy then I really need to try it out! Especially since I rarely use hair oils! I will stick to my facial oils though!

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