Soft legs

I went to a pure romance party and was introduced to a shaving creme that you can also use as a conditioner. I bought a bottle of it and loved it. I bought the frosted cake scent and it smells so good when I shave. You can buy it from pure romance or The 32oz is $24.05 on amazon. 12.5 oz is $15.16 

  • Pros:
  • No more red bumps wherever you shave
  • Moisturises legs so they are soft and not dry
  • Doubles as a gentle, moisturizing hair conditioner
  • Ideal for Sensitive Skin - No-Gluten, No-Parabens
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Designed for men and women ( Not sure if a man wants to smell like a cupcake tho)
  • They come in many scents
  • Cons: It smells so good it makes me hungry LOL

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  • Sarah

    I have used regular hair conditioner for shaving for many years, my mom had told me many years ago but am interested about this.

  • sally peabody

    I use my hair Conditioner to shave my legs. I think they have been suggesting that for years. This looks like a very nice product but are the ingredients that beneficial to your hair ? Very nice review . Thank you