Sol Taneira jet set

This set is a nice little trial size of 3 great products! First item Brazilian 4play moisturizing shower cream gel 3oz. It comes on a easy to use flip top it smells delicious a mixture of coconut and just straight up Brazilian sunny beach days! Guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you want to play!! 2nd you have 1.5oz. Of the famous Brazilian BUMBUM cream which smells just delectable mixture of coconut and butter thick rich fast absorbing leaves your skin silky smooth and looking oh so healthy! Comes in little jar Unscrew top and has a little plastic lid to make sure you don't loose any product into the cap. Absolutely love!! And 3rdly tou get 1.01 fl oz. Of Brazilian Crush fragrance mist can be used in hair or on your body will leave you smelling great and your skin will be glowing you will turn heads just cuz you smell so wonderful! Reminds me of summer or being on vacation makes me wanna enjoy life more! Definitely recommend and worth the 25$ to try 3 great products!!


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  • Susan Cain

    WOW Sarah... Do you know if this SOL Janeiro set is still available? You definitely managed to review each one of the products in the set in great detail. I love the SOL Janeiro BumBum Cream, it definitely encompasses the scent of a tropical beach🌴

  • Crystal Jones

    Omg such an amazing set!I am obsessed with the bum bum cream!!

  • Sarah

    Oh I forgot to mention in this that all of these bottles can be taken on a plane because they met there standards!!

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