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Sometimes…It Just Doesn’t Work. But to each their own!😤Daily Giveaway

Comment on Christian and Alison’s posts on PrismPop with your general thoughts and your answer to the following question:
Tell us about a time a product didn't work for you...Why? Who would it work for instead?

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CBD Bubble Bath Fail - by Christian
Does the Boscia Charcoal Face Mask Really work for Sensitive Skin? - by Alison

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Winner from the last giveaway is.....(drum roll) 🥁
 Mia Quilici
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  • Ja-Nee


  • Shaheera Jones

    A product that didn’t work for me was Cantu moisturizer. I was so excited to try it since I watched YouTube videos and saw how much shine and moisture it gave other people. It did the opposite for me my hair was so dry it was shedding like crazy. It took me about three months to get it to the point that my hair didn’t look dry and brittle.

  • Christy Sargent

    Thank you for another awesome opportunity prism pop!

  • Naf

    Yeah, I'd be annoyed too.

  • Quarterlife Balance

    I had the opposite problem with my bath and body works Eucalyptus Spearmint bubble bath! I put too much in the first time using it as I didn't know how much to add, left the tub to fill while I cooked dinner, and came back to bubbles everywhere! I had a good laugh and won't make that mistake again

  • Sarah

    He product that didn't work for me was a sheet mask I had gotten as a gift lychee infused it turns out I had a bad reaction to something in it! It would work for someone who didn't have as sensitive skin as me! It smelled fabulous though!