starting my day with touch in sol

Hello everyone,

                   Just sharing my New Morning routine. Twice a week I use Mission Complete Mild Scrub + Peeling Black Gel Mask from touch in sol that cost $22.00. I use my conair face brush to get a good cleaning. This exfoliating scrub leaves your face feeling so clean after each use. It elimintes dead skin leaving my face feel as soft as silk.

Then I like to use the Pretty filter Glassy Skin Balm from touch in sol that cost $32.00 This skin balm has multiple perposses witch are hydrating cream, most pack, primer,glow cream, and boost skin radiance. I use it before I appy my daily primer if I want a more dewy look.

Then I will finsih my look with the No Pore Blem Primer from touch in sol that cost $18.00. This Primer is awesome working with all skin types. It feels so smooth while apply and stays that way for a few hours. This primer also focues on taking care of our pores and wrinkles giving you a healthy after finish.

What do you use for your morning routine?

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