Steal This Look: Frosted Rainbow Gelato 🍨


Today has been non-stop summer rain showers, thwarting my plans for hiking and possibly taking a swim. Since the weather has me stuck inside, I thought this was the perfect day for a fresh manicure! 

I was in the mood for a cool tone, but with a bit of glam thrown in. I searched through my polish collection, torn between a beautiful liliac shade and a cool blue. I bet you can guess which won! 🙈

OPI's Gelato on My Mind is a milky, light blue tone with hints of bright mint green. This shade is from their Venice collection, and wears beautifully on its own as well. The shade reaches full opacity at two coats, is long lasting (my experience was six days), and has a lovely shiny finish. I've had no staining from this color when used without a base coat, and it comes clean easily with acetone.

After cleaning the nail, apply one thin coat of Gelato on My Mind. Allow this coat to dry fully. The first layer will be somewhat patchy/streaky, but avoid the temptation to apply the first coat heavily. Your goal should be smooth coverage rather than immaculate coverage. After this coat has dried, apply a second coat of the same polish. With this layer, you want to apply slightly more polish than the initial coat, providing a more uniform and smooth finish. Allow the second coat to dry completely. 

Next, I wanted to add a bit of sparkle. With the summer rain, I needed a bit of glam to really make this manicure special and not veer into snoozefest territory. I needed Yes, of Quartz by Color Club 🤩

This color is absolutely magical! Its shimmer is like the sun catching the clearest quartz perfectly, and the prismatic rainbow that occurs bottled up into the perfect sparkle polish. It is pure shimmer with shifts in all colors of the rainbow. While it looks as though it has a white base in the bottle, this color is a shimmer powerhouse when applied over top of another shade. It takes any color and elevates it with a pixie dust sprinkling of fabulousness! I was so excited to see how Yes of Quartz would play with Gelato on My Mind as its base!

From the first swipe, I knew it was a perfect match! These two shades compliment each other beautifully.

I couldn't be happier with how the finished manicure looks! It has the cool sweetness of gelato, and the sparkle of a quartz gem, what more could a beauty lover ask for? Let me know below if you would try this color combo! 

What are your favorite nail color combinations? Let me know below! Don't forget to react and follow if you liked this post! 🥰


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  • Daisy

    This looks so sparkly! Clear glittery nail polishes are the best because you can add them onto any type of color to give it a beautiful pop! I love the combination. I may have to steal this look! Both brads are amazing. Thank you for the nail tip.

  • Jacquie Fisher-Wisor

    Loved this combination!! Ur nails look gorgeous!! They really do, I think adding the sparkle gave it that bling!! However Gelato on my mind truly is a brilliant beautiful color on it's own also!! Beautiful nails hunny!! 😊😊

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    Love the finished color

  • Clifton Pippin

    Looks beautiful. Love the shimmer