Stila Pantina Liquid Lipstick Swatch!

Hey guys! So today, I'm showing you the Stila liquid lipstick in color "Pantina".
💕It's a cotton candy pink with blueish undertones!
☁️It's very beautiful, creamy, and honestly smells so good!
📦It came in a box in a collection with other colors liquid lipsticks
🤔When going crazy with your eyes go a little lighter with your lips and it also matches the pink in my eyeshadow!
🧁It smells so good like cupcakes!

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  • Ciara

    I really like it and your eyeshadow is beautiful!

  • Amanda Lingle

    That lipstick is a die for color. It looked so smooth and glossy as you applied it. That color just looked like it was to go with your eyeshadow. They tied in together perfectly. And to top it off if it smells like cupcakes I want to try this.