Stila Rubino Liquid Lipstick

Hey loves! Eliza here again and today I'm showing you guys this beautiful, dark red, liquid lipstick from Stila in the color "Rubino".
🤭My apologies for pronouncing it wrong in the video, but I hope you love the lipstick as much as I do!
🤩There are so many different looks you can do with this product and I think it's a must-have! 
🌵The liquid lip is a little chalky but it's okay for me because I always moisturize my lips before I apply a liquid lip
🍎You have to build up the color and its a beautiful red
🍂It is the perfect color for fall and winter.
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  • Amanda Lingle

    That color is gorgeous. Yes it is perfect for the fall / winter season. It looks so good on you. If you didnt know you would have thought you put lip liner on since it looked so put on perfectly.