Style House Hair Straightener is the BEST

I have absolutely fell in love with a new brand  of hair products! Style house has one of the greatest hair straighteners I have ever had the privilege of using. The Style house costs a little more then I would usually pay but it has 100% solid ceramic plates that allows you to have shiny non frizzy hair no matter what type of hair you have it can transform it into luscious curls, voluminous waves or a sleek frizz free hair due. The style house hair straighteners come in two colors red or black and with the adjustable heat control you can start out at 140 degrees or you can start at maximum heat 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 
My hair goes down to the top of my buttocks and it usually takes me close to an hour to straighten my hair but not with the style house, it only took me thirty minutes from start to finish. I don't have to worry about burning my counter tops because not only does it shut off by itself in 30 minutes You can also buy the holder  which has suction cups for feet so you can place any where it also has a heat resistant case that turns into a mat. I have saved the best for last you can also purchase a comb that separates just enough hair for the straightener, and it holds the hair in a perfect position.

I recommend this Style House hair straightener to everyone, no matter if you have short or long, curly or wavy or frizzy hair it will fix all your hair problems.

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