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I’m trying to get monetized this year! You can help me by subscribing to my YouTube channel and watching my videos! I need 1,000 subscribers & 4,000 hrs watch time to be monetized! My dream career is to be a full time beauty influencer and get PAID $$ doing it! Link below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCivUZ6wikvRjJU-e-9NqqwQ

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  • Susie Kohnen

    Im never on YouTube (actually Im not quite sure I even know how to use it lol) but my granddaughter is on all the time and my daughter is thinking about starting a page. If I can figure it out ill follow you. Best of luck!

  • Maggie

    Hey, Brittney! If you google "youtube creator playbook" you'll find a free resource from Youtube themselves on how to use that platform to gain views, watch time and subscribers - there are a ton of tips that should take anyone from 30 views to over 100 at least. If you haven't read it it is a must! Otherwise you could work really hard forever and never get monetized 😔 if you're not familiar with the algorithm, copyright laws and title/thumbnail best practices, start there!

  • Sushi

    Oh, nice! I also have a YouTube channel.

  • Sabrina

    Subscribed. ,💜

  • Kelly K

    You tagged a product that is not mentioned anywhere in your post. We all want to get paid to play with make up.

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