Summertime Base Makeup to beat the HEAT 🥵

Hey Guys! Today I am sharing my perfect base makeup routine for the summer! It’s a lightweight look that you won’t have to worry about sweating off 💦💦
1️⃣ First I go in with Touch in Sol's Prime Essence
👍🏼 This is great if you have dry skin to rehydrate you, preventing makeup from clinging to any dry patches. Its also extremely lightweight so I’m sure you’d enjoy it no matter what your skin type.
🤚🏼I just use my hands to rub it in to make sure I don’t miss any spots, and none of the product gets wasted.
2️⃣ Next, I take the Ordinary’s Serum Foundation and I pump directly on the skin. This is shade 1.1P
🧽 Then I take a damp beauty sponge to blend it out, this one is by Real Techniques!
❤️ I love how this medium coverage foundation evens out skin tone in a natural, dewy way. The last thing I want to do is clog my pores in this summer heat!
3️⃣ Next, I take Maybelline Fit Me concealer and dot it under the eyes, and over any blemishes, if I’m breaking out. This is shade 10 (fair)
🧽 I blend it out with the same sponge I used before.
4️⃣ Last I take Hourglass Ambient Light Finishing Powder with a big fluffy brush and dust it all over my face, setting my liquid makeup from earlier. This is shade Ethereal Light.
❤️ I love this powder because it’s lighter than using a loose setting powder, and has a slight illuminating effect that helps soften the look of your skin.
☀️ Does your makeup routine change with the seasons like mine? Let me know, thanks for watching! ☀️
❤️ BMARSZ ❤️

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  • Leylers

    Great review, I wish I had seen this earlier in the year. It gets like 105+ down here where I live, everythign sweats off. Always looking for heat proof tips - I will definitely be trying this. Thank you. Yes, I try to change my routine, and shades, somewhat, to adjust to the seasons. I have not changed my foundation before, seasonally, but I think I will be for sure making adjustments next summer.

  • Stephanie Esparza

    Great reviews of base make-up's! My makeup routine does change with the seasons. I will wear the bare minimum of makeup in spring /summer months and wear base make-up in fall/winter months as my skin tone is really lightened.

  • Mercy

    I would love to win 🙌🙌 I live in Miami Florida & the heat is horrible 😏

  • Caer

    I wanna try this product, this looks so awesome!!

  • Shonda Ramsey

    It definitely changes with the seasons. I like to use a mineral foundation in the summer. It's so much lighter on the skin during the heat and Oklahoma has horrible humidity also. Plus you don't have to worry about your makeup melting.

  • Rita Whirls

    Great review. The information helps. These are products I'll have to try.

  • Deanna Straub

    Great job BMarsz. I especially appreciate the No Poreblem Prime Essence. I think I could benefit from it. I do have those dry patches you mentioned when I first start on my face. The whole video was great and you look so beautiful.

  • Kim

    My makeup routine does change in the summertime. I typically don't wear as much makeup, if any at all. I especially make sure to steer clear of oily products or heavy moisturizers as they will make me too greasy in the heat.

  • Kim

    To calm down my skin after being out in the sun, I typically use aloe vera, but preferably fresh aloe vera. I also use The Antidote Daily Cooling Lotiom by Skyn Iceland because it has a cooling sensation when applied. I also try to use products with cucumber in them. If I get really sunburnt, I made sure to keep whatever part of my body, regularly apply aloe vera, and moisture.

  • Mercurymarsb

    Great post! I like to avoid creamy moisturizers in the summer months and opt for gel-based serums as the base for my skincare routine. A good serum absorbs quickly but doesn't skimp out on much-needed hydration.

  • Stefany Scaggs

    Looks great. I am dying to try that touch n soul primer. I honestly started a skincare routine about 2 year ago and I'm still figuring my skin out what it needs and hydration is one of them. Thanks for the info.

  • Kelly K

    Looks good! My skin care routine doesn't change that much because I still focus on hydration. My skin gets really dry in the winter and summer it's still dry just not as bad. I also focus more on Sun protection in the warmer months (yet I always use sunscreen!) For Sun relief I use aloe vera! I love using aloe vera on sunburns.

  • Naf

    Nice products! I need to try some of these. My base makeup routine doesn't necessarily change during seasons, I just make sure to apply more hydrating products in the summer than usual. My favorite products to calm my skin after sun exposure are Olay and Jergens moisturizers.

  • Bre Walker

    Awesome video! I change my beauty routine up daily. I usually use the same foundation and powder, but I change up my eye make up, blushes/bronzers, and lips regularly.

  • Stephanie

    Great video and suggestions,I always check the weather before deciding what I'm going to do about my makeup for the day!😄

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I like the video and the products sound really good. I have to worry about how to pick the right colors for my complexion and how caked up foundation makes my face look so this sounds interesting to me.

  • Pauline

    At my age my skin is a nightmare. I am finding things like scares from plucking my unwanted hair on my chin and neck areas. Now light spots are becoming visible. So help! All I do is what you showed in your video. I am good at covering up with concealing make up. Liked all the products seen here. Very helpful youthful look.

  • Ja-Nee

    During the summer, I try to use less makeup because my skin becomes so oily. I like to use a matte primer and more translucent powder. After exposure to sun, I use aloe Vera gel and a cooling cream like the opine by Dr. Brandt.

  • Brittany Doolittle

    During the Summer my whole makeup routine changes. First I use my face sunscreen or I'll burn really bad. Then i put on a lightweight foundation and very light eye make up.

  • Esther

    I usually like to use my coola sunscreen!!!