Sun and age spots!

This product is amazing! I use it under my eyes because thats where my brown sun, age spots are, plus the glyolic acid is gentle for exofilating my crows feet! Apply at night because the hydroquiolone.... this is the same product you can get prescribed by a dermatologist. Awesome product and the same as getting a prescription. I enjoy and trust this brand, plus the added acids in it do more than just rid my brown spots!

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  • Sarah

    Oh this product sounds great!! I love murad it is a brand that I feel I can trust! Thanks for sharing

  • Melissa Griffith

    Murad makes some really good skincare. I enjoy this serum also. Wish they would put it in a darker container to help preserve the vitamin c. If you don't use it fast it changes colors and efficiency goes down. I always get he travel size because I know I can use it all before that happens.