What I learned after sun poisoning 🥵 Now: Sun's out, Sunscreen ON! 🌞

Hey y'all! With summer in full swing I thought I'd drop a few sun care tips I've learned over the years and especially recent events! Above are the products I am now using on the regular. As you will see below, me and the sun really don't get along. I am prone to sunburn due to my fair skin and this year has been exceptionally bad. I was in a 'leave of absence' for over two weeks due to severe sunburn and sun poisoning. My doctor and dermatologist both had me on a no makeup, no skincare but what was prescribed regimen until my skin was back to normal. This is a long post,  but it you suffer from sunburn it's worth the read. As with anything heed your own experience and doctors' recommendations. 

My sister took this picture of me about half way through the fateful day - I was only sitting in the shade of my apartment building, but that was apparently too much for my skin... even though I had been applying Coppertone Sport SPF 50 every two hours if not more frequently - all day long.
Once I noticed I was burning, we made 100% sure I was in shade and I checked the expiration on the sunscreen. It doesn't expire for two years but there I was, getting burnt to a crisp! 🔥

By the time this picture was taken I had used my own homemade doused cotton balls in vinegar.
My recipe: 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar mixed with 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar.
I liberally soak cotton balls in the mixture and run them all over anywhere there is sunburn. I usually do this on repeat for about half an hour. Then I let the vinegar sit and dry completely for half an hour to one hour before I shower.
Enzymes in the vinegar pull the heat from the sun burned area which helps to relieve the sunburn faster.

On day 3 of my sunburn, I knew what I was doing wasn't cutting it. I went to my doctor and received.... a 5 day hospital stay. 🏥
I was treated further with IV's, more vinegar, and special ointments for burn victims. My doctors were shocked I knew the vinegar trick but we're also relieved I'd been doing it liberally for the past two days because my burns would have been much worse.
I was also advised to use zinc on my face and better sunscreen than Coppertone. My dermatologist recommended Ocean Potion, a brand I had never heard of before.

Here is how blistered my skin was even on day 8.

Here you can see how burned and wrecked my face was. I'm happy to say it's much better now than it was. My face peeled for weeks!
To help moisturize I was using a silicone-based moisturizer that allowed my skin to breathe while moisturizing my face and protecting it from further damage.
Below you will see my three go-to products for my face, my body, and for aftercare.

To start I found Ocean Potion had two zinc products for your face. I chose to go with the clear zinc as I needed to wear it daily. Plus I totally didn't want a super white face all the time. 🌝
As you can see the product is quite thick and comes in a little tub. Even though it starts out white, it soaks into the skin leaving little to no residue and has a pleasant smell that's soft and a tiny bit floral.
I use this on my entire face and ears and reapply every two hours if I'm out in the sun. It is light enough after application that I can do my whole makeup routine afterward.

For the second product I chose the Ocean Potion Protect & Nourish SPF 50 sunscreen. This might be the best sunscreen I have ever used! It smells like summer, a bit of floral with only a slight sunscreen smell. It is a tad thicker than other sunscreens I have used in the past but I'm happy to say I've not gotten sunburnt since using this on my body and the zinc on my face. The sunscreen has a slightly oily feeling but once it's completely dry (about 5 minutes) you can't even tell it's there.

I decided to get the Ocean Potion Aloe Lotion as a precaution. It has a lovely light fragrance and moisturizes wonderfully on face and body. It helps to soothe any burn you may have with aloe, antioxidants, and yes tree oil. In the event I were to get burned I would use this after showering off the vinegar mix I talked about above. But even without a burn I use this to help my skin recover after a day out in the sun to ensure it has plenty of moisture. This goes on quite nicely and doesn't leave a residue on my skin after use.

Now I've fully recovered and appreciate my new regimen keeping my skin safe and healthy!! 

For all my fair-skinned friends as sensitive as myself, I recommend Ocean Potion Products - get them now before you have to learn the same lesson I did.
What SPF products are you currently using??? 🤔
Leave some comments & follow for more! 💕

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  • Bonita kasee

    Omgosh!, that looks so painful, so glad your feeling better, thanks for the great tip about vinegar, and the coppertone, I was never really big on it, thanks for the awesome post,

  • Terri Fair

    When I visit my daughter in Florida she is always handing me Ocean Potion before walking out the door. She is very concerned about skin cancer. She also tucks small bottles in my luggage for me when I get home

  • Marija

    Wow. I hope it helped you with that painful sunburn. The higher the SPF the better. Mine is only 50.

  • Ja-Nee

    OMG!!! That looks super painful. I'm glad your skin has gotten better and that the products worked for you. I always use aloe Vera after being in the sun. It just helps so much. Great information and reviews.

  • Rose Katz

    🌻🌻🌻Oh man, that is super intense. I am so glad that you are better now. I am definitely going to use that trick with the vinegar if I get a sunburn. I am fair skinned and burn super easily. I never go in direct sun for more than 5 minutes. The sun hurts my skin if I am in the sun for longer than that. I am so happy that you recommended Ocean Potion. I am going to go buy some right now. I love that this is available. Thanks so much for sharing your story and reviewing this product. 🌻🌻🌻

  • Rita Whirls

    This information helps others to protect their skin from harm. We all can use all the tips we can get.

  • Stephanie Esparza

    Very informative review of sun-poisoning! Thank you for sharing the products so others can avoid the same scenario!

  • Pauline

    This has always been available for beach and sunny weather. Glad to see the Aloe Lotion. Really like the zinc oxide to cover the face. Really like Ocean Potion. Thanks found this review very helpful. You did great with your photos and product reviews.

  • Tamara Poole

    Being blonde and blue eyed I've suffered from this. A high spf sun hat cover up and aloe w lidocaine are your friends. Also Gatorade for dehydration

  • Marlena Fannin

    Well, bless your ❤️! I am glad to see you back and to learn of full recovery. I read every bit of your review and thank you for sharing. You are one of my favorite reviewers as you are so thorough and entertaining. Thank you again for sharing.

  • Serena

    Girl I’m so sorry you had to experience that but it makes this post that much more effective, and is so helpful to people like myself with such fair skin. I’m so glad you are recovered and your skin looks healthy and beautiful now.

  • Rowi

    Omg I love your reviews 😊

  • Lindsay Piggott

    Corissa , i have really fair skin and all i do is burn this i am really interested in theses products , i wanna try

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Wow what a burn and in the shade! I have never heard of Ocean potion so thanks for showing me products. Learned something new today!

  • Naf

    So sorry about your sunburn! But I'm glad that you found something that works for you. Glad that you've recovered.