Sunday rain exfoliating cubes! High hopes, harsh reality...

As a consumer reviews like this are never fun!
Everything about the Sunday Rain Exfoliating cubes at first glance seems like a WIN!
However as I got my hand on the product and started to play with it I started liking it less and less :(
For starters it does not specify if this product is only for your body or body and face, (DO NOT USE ON FACE)
Secondly although I love the idea of a solid exfoliator that I may use to grind off dead skin I dislike the size of this product. It is a small cube that will take to long to exfoliate my entire body with.
On top of everything this product is heavily fragrance and leaves a film behind after using that if you have sensitive skin like I do can cause irritation.
So still on the lookout for a solid exfoliator! Let me know if you find one you like :)

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  • Kelly M.

    I’m in the same boat right now with my current exfoliating products. I, too, deal with sensitive skin issues and when I get the wrong product then my skin does not react well.

  • Shay Alyxander

    Too bad it didn't work :( It sounds like it would smell amazing.

  • nicole bowers

    Thanks for a great video, it was very detailed and informative!

  • Lorrie harris-brown

    He gave a great review.i don't think I would want to try this.

  • Shelly Jacquez

    thanks for the honest review -

  • Crystal Jones

    Ugh! I hate the feeling of that film on my body. I bought a few bath bombs one time and it does the same exact thing it leaves us discussing film on you.

  • Angela Martin

    I've never used this type of product. I'm a believer that moisturizing your skin immediately after showering helps keep skin smooth and hydrated even in winter months

  • katherine wu

    I have mixed feelings red lipstick because it looks so good but at the same time I can never really find something to match it and it feels super bold!

  • Mary Truelove

    Thank for sharing your review. I have sensitive skin so I am happy that you explained your thoughts and opinion.

  • April

    I have never tried it and now I don't plan too. Thanks for the review. I have found that IpKNs Salad Days is a great exfoliator. It's a gentle peel that tightens your pores and leaves your skin looking brighter. I would recommend it!

  • Shannon Grant

    Sugar and salt scrubs can cause micro tears in the skin. Dermalogica’s Microfoliant is gentle on the skin. You can use it everyday. If you want to do something cheaper, make a paste with baking soda. It’s gentle on the skin and makes your skin look amazing. It’s also great to use mixed with your shampoo once a week for clarifying. After rinsing you’re hair, apply Apple Cider vinegar, comb through, leave on for 5 minutes, and rinse. Your hair will style better and be nice and shiney.

  • Shannon Grant

    One product I have a love/hate relationship is Vitamin C. It is great for brightening and fading dark spots, but if you use it too often; your face will become sensitized.

  • Ariana Crenshaw

    Great review!! I have very sensitive skin so I have yet to try any of these types of scrubs! This looks like a pass for me, thanks for the review!

  • Tina Geane

    Hi Christian maybe if they come in other frangrances, and you or we could find we that we liked. Because you said they are heavily gritty they could be used for exfoliating your feet in the 🚿 or you could use up the one's you have for that purpose if you could stand the fragrance, Oh I'm not sure if they would effect Your feet but maybe other people- but thanks FOR The heads UP, Your Video's are Fantastic! I love them!!

  • Rachel

    Sugar cubes are for horses. I’ve tried these before, just a different brand and they are awful. The concept sounds intriguing but you could do the same thing dipping a bar of soap in sugar, and it’d probably work better and last longer, and you wouldn’t have a scummy shower to clean afterwards.

  • Nicole Hoffman

    So I have used these before and I agree 1000%! They didn't make my skin breakout but it did get irritated so now I just scrub the bottoms of my feet with them because they were spendy and I can't toss them out

  • yona garlit

    One product I have very mixed feelings on is any self-tanner. I have tried several brands and some worked way better than others. However, then you have to deal with the smear or runs if it accidentally gets wet and some of the brands have actually made my skin feel gross after use. But I do love a healthy bronzed or tanned look.

  • yona garlit

    Very honest review and I truly appreciate that. I can definitely see why you would have mixed feelings on this product. I think that I will skip trying this product out because my skin is so very sensitive, I am afraid with the heavy fragrance that it will not be so kind. Thank you though for the very honest review.

  • Brandi Wells

    I'm not sure if I want to try this yet or not but since reading your review I'll at least check it out in the store.

  • Ja-Nee

    Great review. I can see why you have mixed feelings. One product I have mixed feelings on is Farsali Blur Tune primer. I like it however I don't. I like to texture but I do not like how my skin looks if I use with makeup. It's just a different type of primer.

  • Stephanie Williams

    First, thanks for testing. Second, it's a no for me. I've tried different exfoliating scrubs for the body and ended up using the gloves. I make sure I keep extra pairs. And I don't have to worry about film and grit being left behind. Thanks again

  • tia

    Wow this sounds horrible and I never even heard of it! Thank you for the review!

  • Nicole Christine

    Thanks for your review!!! The one product I stay away from is the St. Ives exfoliating washes. I've heard they are no good for your skin. And when I did use them years ago I felt like it just rubbed my skin raw😩

  • Naf

    I like the texture of this product. It seems like candy. I have mixed feelings about Retinol products because it can dry my skin but also makes it younger looking.

  • Ashley Hunt

    I have very mixed feelings about pore filling primers! Not necessarily one product but several! I've used several that contain silicone and I liked them, but it did seem like my pores would be larger after extended use! So I loved them because they fill your pores and make your foundation look seemless and hide any texture pretty well, and who doesn't want their foundation to look flawless?? Only after using them for several months straight, I did feel like my Pores looked slightly larger than before, and because it wasn't a drastic change and didn't just happen overnight or within a week's time I wasn't even noticing this at first! So obviously I want nothing to do with a product that will make my pores look even the tiniest bit larger, however they do make foundation look great!

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