Swatch Me Get It On with My TOSC Tester Bag!

Hello my beautiful people! ♥ I just received my tester bag from The Organic Skin Co. I received so many great goodies, let's break each one down!
1. Task Force Nine:
Website Description:  Infused with 9 active natural ingredients – aloe vera, jojoba seed oil, lemon peel oil, calendula, turmeric, rosemary, honeysuckle, vanilla, and seabuckthorn – this multi-tasking treatment cream has moisturizing, antiseptic and antibacterial properties that your skin will love!
Claims: Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, 99% Natural, 78.4% Organic
Thoughts: This is my favorite item from my tester bag. I am a natural skincare fanatic, and this is 99% natural and 78.4% organic. Not only does it smell like vanilla, but it's also incredibly moisturizing so a little goes a long way which means this product will last! The ingredient list sounds so good I could eat it. I am already obsessed with The Good Oil from TOSC so I know Task Force Nine is going to become a new part of my routine!
2. Cheeky Lips Pod:
Shade: Desert Storm
Website Description: Designed to provide a perfect natural flush and the pout to match, Cheeky Lips comes in eight bangin’, long-lasting, highly pigmented colors. What’s more, the addition of organic castor seed oil and supercritical extracts of rosemary, pomegranate, and calendula will help to replenish your cheeks and lips, keeping them smooth and healthy.
Claims: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free, 74% Organic, 90% - 100% Natural
Thoughts: This is creamy! I absolutely love how blendable and buildable it is for both your lips and cheeks! I received the shade Desert Rose which has an orange tint. I will say I am not a big fan of this shade on my lips, but I think it really complimented me as blush especially on my tanner days!
3. Lip Service Lip Sticks:
Shades: Summer Sands & Galaxy 
Website Description: Whether you’re looking for a classic red lipstick, a matte lipstick, or something with a hint of shimmer, our beautifully colored, long-lasting organic lipsticks will help you express yourself. Our lipsticks are made from natural and organic ingredients like carnauba wax and nourishing organic oils, along with supercritical extracts of calendula and rosemary, which help to moisturize the lips and protect them against harsh environmental elements.
Claims: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free, 71.1% Organic, 100% Natural 
Thoughts: So I received the shades Summer Sands and Galaxy. Summer Sands is a very cute light nude shade which was unfortunately not a match with my skin tone. Galaxy is definitely the winner here. The deep plum shade compliments my skin very well and gives me a deliciously pigmented bold lip! Both shades applied very smoothly and felt very moisturizing on my lips!
4. The Eyes Have It Eye Shadows:
Shades: Silhouette & Greenstone
Website Description: Highly pigmented, all-natural, long-lasting, they come in ten gorgeous natural shades.  Add in some skin-replenishing ingredients like organic castor seed oil, calendula, rosemary, and pomegranate, and these stunning cream eyeshadows represent everything that’s good about natural beauty.
Claims: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free, 100% Natural
Thoughts: The shades of these shadows are so gorgeous!! I received the shade Silhouette and Greenrock. Silhouette is a shimmery grey shade that would look incredible on a smokey eye look. Greenrock, on the other hand, is a shimmery emerald green shade that is absolutely rocked my socks off! This shade definitely stole the show and complimented my skin very well! Both of these shades were very creamy, very blendable, and VERY pigmented! I usually do have oily lids, so I am interested in seeing how these last on me but overall I am very impressed!
Concluding Thoughts on The Organic Skin Company:
Overall I am very impressed with TOSC and the products I received in my tester bag! (Thank you!) This brand really just resonates with me because not only are they cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan, and use organic products but they also use sustainable practices and packaging. TOSC seems to be very open about their ingredients and where they source them, as well as being incredibly informative on their Q&A page. Not only that but TOSC has partnered up with The Eden Reforestation Projects, and vows to plant a tree for EVERY product sold! I highly recommend you check them out!

Thank you for your time! 
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  • Robin Bell

    So jealous I love this tester bag

  • Denise

    I love your review. I'd love to try the lipsticks they look gorgeous.

  • Kathy Flores

    Can I help me get tested 💄

  • Kathy Flores

    I love cream shadows and liquid shadows

  • Amanda Christy

    Im jealous lol I want to get make up to test teach me how please!

  • Linda Radford

    Natural beauty now that's the best makeup ever .The thing is the natural look is super cool the closer to nature is the best but if your going out for the nite a super nice color plus sone sparkle really can't hurt anything matter adapted the more color & sparkle the better colorful not trashe Will ladies have a Super Good evening .

  • Sindra ~

    Wow you so nailed this one again..such nice and perfict review do much detail..thank you..

  • Candace

    I love organic, natural skin, hair and make-up products. I have sensitive skin. I would love to try these products. Thank you for the feedback.

  • Laurie Geist

    Wonderful, how do I get a tester bag?

  • Tiffiny Pryles

    WOW!! Looks Great!!

  • Linda Radford

    Wow Wow someone or a brand that doesn't hurt pets now that is Awesome .Plus all the stuff I got at one time that's just off the hook .It's also organic can't beat that with out a stick Lol

  • deanna henry

    i would really love to try these as soon as i can

  • Lonnie Ko

    I would have to say that I am more impressed with the vegan brand "The Organic Skin Company." As a girl who has eczema and overly-sensitive skin, it's very important for me to find makeup and skincare products that my skin won't react badly to or making it flare up causing unnecessary and unwanted redness, dryness, and stinging. I love using plant-based, natural, and/or organic products on my skin to ensure that none of the negative effects I mentioned from above would happen. Besides, ingredients people can actually read and understand would benefit us by knowing what exactly goes into our skin. Looking forward to more reviews from you! Thank you!

  • Barbie Steele

    I'm all about cruelty free products. This looks like it has a bunch of wonderful new products to try out.

  • Charley

    I agree these product are the best. What a good review on these products. I love the Summer sand lip services. I did not get try. Which I'm kinda upset about because these colors are amazing. I also really like the Cheeky Lip Pods in Desert Storm. it works well on your cheeks or as a lipstick. I am very impressed with this company and theses products.

  • Zoey

    These product testers are what made me want to join Prismpop! I joined right after I saw someone post about these and I was so sad I was late! These products look GREAT and your video is so thorough, even though it's just a minute! I'm a sucker for a great red/plum lip so I can definitely see myself buying Galaxy! It looks so moisturizing and pigmented!😍 I also really wanna try the cream shadows! I've just recently started using cream shadows and am really leaning towards Greenstone and the Deep Purple(not in this video but part of their collection) And of course my favorite thing, i LOVE cruelty-free, gluten free organic products And i didn't know about the Eden Reforestation Projects so that is definitely a winner for me! Loved the review! Really makes me want to buy everything!!😍

  • theresa

    hi can you follow me back :)

  • Taarryyn🤍

    If I could try any of these products it would so be the Summer Sand Lip Service Lip Stick! It’s so cute and I love nude colors that go on so smooth yet so vibrant. It’s so hard to find a good nude lipstick that works.

  • Sarah Wennihan

    The product that I was surprised by the most was the cheeky lips. I didn't think I was going to like it as I've never tried cream blush before. But it was so easy to use and blend. Looked great on my cheeks and lips. I personally didn't care for the eyeshadows. The lipstick was nice as well as task force nine.

  • Stephanie Grant

    Great review and That task force nine I really want to try, it all natural ingredients and all the products look amazing 🙂

  • Tessa Gjovik

    Oh my! This stuff all looks so amazing and fun to try! Thank you!

  • Monica Moyses

    Love love love the eyeshadow pots!

  • Ann Thomas

    Organic beauty products are my first choice. I never heard of this brand before but I will try their products.