Sweet Dreams And Sweet Skin

Pictured is Rose Waterful Sleeping Mask from @skin79cosmetics .  This overnight mask is wonderful for dry skin.  It refreshes , brightens, removes dead skin cells, smoothes, and adds fullness to the skin.  This mask has a blend of rose water, AHA’s, and Ceramides. The whole premise Is to apply before bed and then in the morning wash it off.  This is a great idea, BUT- your face will stick to your pillow like no tomorrow!! What I’ve found that works best: Apply a thin layer couple of hours before bed and allow this mask to fully dry and then you’ll be good to go!  Damask Rose products are quite expensive, but this one isn’t priced too badly.  This product is $13.50 for 100ml.  I give this product 4/5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️. 

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  • Myshell

    Awesome review :) Does it smell like Roses ? I'm definitely buying this product

  • Maggie

    oOOoooOOoooo I looooove a good texture shot 🤤 don't be shy, show us how it works on your pretty face, beautiful! ❤️ Maybe like a shot before bed and then after you wake up in the morning too? You can upload up to 5 pictures so go wild 😻