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Take a trip to Jeju Island

The Oh K! Jeju Island Hydrogel Mask is a wonderful hydrating gel mask. The mask is separated in two parts; one area for your chin and the other for your cheeks/forehead allowing for a more precise fitting to your face. I loved that the mask itself was holographic; it makes for a great self care selfie. 🤳  I am a sucker for cute details like that. 

🍐Packed with prickly pear from the Jeju Islands and green tea, this is a super hydrating mask and the perfect skin pick me up when you are needing that extra boost of hydration. 

💦 The mask is cooling, soothing and hydrating and comfortable while on the skin. I honestly felt like I wanted to wear it all day. 

✨ After reluctantly removing the mask, my skin was left dewy, glowy, refreshed hydrated and smooth. 

You can guarantee I will be purchasing more of these on my own in the future. 👍🏼

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