Taking care of my CRUSTY elbows...finally 😢 ft. Touch In Sol + Lather

I finally decided to do something about my crusty elbows. I’ve been too lazy about it. I am going to deep-exfoliate them and use the Touch In Sol Beauty Aid Cream to give them some TLC. You can sub in any exfoliating + moisturizing combo of your choice

🧽Exfoliating - I used the Lather Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub. I like this scrub because it is a VERY effective exfoliator but the foaming properties made it less harsh on the skin. I massaged my elbows for about 20 seconds and rinsed it with warm water. It got rid of the flaky skin on the surface without making my elbows feel like I ran it on sandpaper.
💧Moisturizing - Trying the Touch In Sol All-in-one Beauty Aid Cream. I am very careful with trying out a new moisturizer so for now, I am testing it on my neck, décolletage, and elbows. It’s light but rich and has a very nice medicinal scent.
😳My elbows were so dry that it did sting a little bit when I fist applied the cream, but that sensation went away very quickly. My elbows feel a lot softer when I was massaging the cream and the cream absorbed fairly quickly.

📆Note: This is not a one-night effort. I will continue to use this combo and hope for a major improvement in the long-run!

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  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    I loved this video this is great!

  • Samantha K

    I have ezcema so my skin gets really dry. I need to try this!

  • Tonya Smith

    Enjoyed your video.

  • Robin Bell

    I definitely need this no matter how much I use body scrub and creams and lotions and oils my elbows are always tore up

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I love body scrubs and this one sounds great so I may have to try it. I like they way you used it on your elbows along with the beauty aid cream and mine are always dry so I'll have to give that a shot.

  • Ja-Nee

    I have been looking more into body scrubs!! My favorite fruit/veggie product i love in skin care is pomegranate. It has worked wonders on my skin. I use a pomegranate eye cream and sheet mask. It gives my skin the boost it needs.

  • Rachael Tam

    This is so funny I came across this! I was just thinking about this. I have ONE crusty elbow that refuses to heal! My right elbow must be mad at me for unknown reasons because I've tried what I thought was everything to get it to heal but nothing helps. I never thought to exfoliate my elbows so I'm gonna give that a try. Hopefully that'll help. Thank you so much for this life changing tip! 💗💗💗

  • Kelly K

    Great information thanks for the video!!! I too suffer from dry elbows and such. I need to give this a try!! Now for the daily questions. I like anything fruity really lol but I love strawberry!!! It smells great and has anti oxidant properties which I love. My favorite veggie would be carrots. I once had a carrot hand cream and it not only smell amazing but it was so hydrating!! As for the body part I pamper the most? I definitely pamper my face the most. I wash it at least twice a day with a good cleanser, apply serum, primer, moisturizer, ect. Three times a week I do a face mask or exfoliating scrub. Second would be my feet. I love to pamper my always overworked feet. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

  • Victoria

    This was a great demonstration, I actually never thought of exfoliating my elbows, but that makes so much sense. I've always just used a moisturizer, which didn't do much in the long term, so I need to step it up and exfoliate first like you showed. I definitely have been neglecting my elbows and kneecaps and will start taking care of my body more

  • Charley

    For the first time that's a difference you can see. Use this time after time for awhile and your elbows are going to be so soft. I need to spend so time on my elbows, hands and heels. Theses are my areas I need to work on. Thanks for a great post and another way to use Touch In Sol All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream.

  • Hibah

    At last, someone who can relate! I have crusty elbows most of the time. Elbows need care, too! My favorite fruit + veggie inspired product is the Primera Alpine Berry Water Cream. It is a really hydrating cream that leaves your skin soft and smooth. Plus, it’s made with wild strawberry sprouts that have a naturally moisturizing effect. If I could pamper one part of my body more, I would do my hair. I would try to pamper it more to make it softer and silkier!

  • Daisy

    I have to agree with you on the crusty elbows. Especially in winter, they get all dried and cracked. These products look like they could help. My tip: You can scrub your elbows with any type of scrub (I use face scrub) and then use a cream or lotion afterwards. My favorite fruit/veggie inspired product is the Youth To The People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser. It has kale and green tea spinach so it can provide your skin with vitamins. I love it because it does a great job at cleansing your face and doesn’t make your skin greasy or sticky, even on oily skin. If I had to pamper one part of my body more, I would do my feet. Usually, people don’t take care of their feet as much as they’re supposed to. Pampering your feet would be a great way to give them more care.

  • Melissa Green

    I'm so glad you made this post. My youngest daughter has issues with her elbows being dry and crusty...she has always felt embarrassed about them so it was nice to be able to show her the struggle is real and not hers alone. We're going to buy that Lather Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Scrub tomorrow so she can start right away felling better about her elbows. Thanks again, this was awesome.

  • Hayley Osorio

    I forgot all about my elbows and I need to help them get restored back to factory settings lol

  • Pauline

    I have commented on these two products regarding rusty and dry elbows. No brain-er should be a part of your over-all body moisturizing lotion regime. Liked both products.

  • Candace

    This is a great review! I normally focus my skincare on my face but this has reminded me my body needs pampering as well.

  • Christina Knittel

    I hate dry elbows! I have found moisturizing regularly does definitely help. I will have to try to find In Sol cream you used, it looks like a luxurious way to keep elbows (and everything else) hydrated!

  • Patricia Karbs

    Great review! I definitely would like to try all the products that you mentioned. Currently, I've been using Frangipani Monoi Body Oil. I love the way it smells...fruity and floral. It reminds me of walking through a Caribbean island. This oil solidifies easily. Before I get in the shower, I fill the bathroom sink with hot water, put the bottle in, and by the time I'm done with my shower, the oil is ready to use. It goes on smoothly, and my skin soaks it right up. This is also the only oil I've found that will last for a couple of days. With other oils and lotions, I have to reapply the next day or sooner. For my face, I've found another "fruity" blend...Superfood Facial Oil by Elemis. This oil is plant-based, so it contains antioxidants and omegas. While I can't say that I'm crazy about the smell, it soaks into my skin and doesn't leave it feeling greasy. After my skin absorbs this, I add a moisturizer on. My face looks and feels great all day.

  • Marlena Fannin

    Wow, this sounds like something I really need for my elbows . My elbows are something I usually don't even think about but since I found out there are other people , with the same problem, I guess I need to work on getting them softer.

  • Rukhsana

    my favourite fruit inspired products are the glow recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask, glow recipe watermelon glow ultra fine mist and the glow recipe watermelon glow moisturizer, its usually the products i use after i have used a strong detoxifying mask that sucks out all impurities and kind of dries out my skin so thats when the glow recipe products come to the rescue. i always love to pamper my face more as that is what people always see and i cannot hide.

  • natosha miller

    Wow, that is a pretty neat and awesome use of products, I've never heard of! It is awesome bamboo powder in the body scrub to help exfoliate and remove the dry dead skin. That is a neat trick to use on the elbows and possibly perfect for the entire body. I like that it uses an ingredient I've never had in a product, bamboo. The scent of lemongrass is awesome, like lemon, and with the lemon citrus added, it must smell so lemony nice. I also like how it's not as harsh as many other scrubs that really tear at the skin and feel uncomfortable, leaving the skin red and irritated. Additionally, that beauty aid cream sounds just as great! I like the name cause it sounds like it is meant to help and fix or repair that of which needs repairing. I so could see using these two to repair my dry skin and removing dead skin around my ankles and neck and elbows like you have shared. It sounds like an excellent combo and really worth checking out and trying! Thank you for sharing this wonderful review and usage of these two products. ☺♥☼

  • Holly Mitkowski

    The Lather Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub sounds perfect for me! I love the scent too :)

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Review of both products are great ! Results are even better, Thank you for showing me how this product does the job of exfoliating and the end result.

  • Jill

    This stuff looks awesome!

  • brina

    What a difference! I would pamper my hands more, get dried up with all the hand washing lately and anything coconut flavored!